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10 Sci-Fi Books That Outshine The Movies, From Dune To 1984

We live in a time where 1984 doesn’t really belong in the category of science fiction books anymore. However, we have included it in our top 10.

In addition to all the novels, biographies and books that Elon Musk says will make you smarter, we want to offer you a series of science fiction classics. Here are ten of the best science fiction books ever written. Just try one.

The 10 best science fiction books

Fun fact: almost all major and well-known science fiction movies are adaptations of books, as is the case with Dune the case is. Many of these classics have been around for quite some time and feature much more detail than the movies.

1. Dune – Frank Herbert (1965)

With a point at 1, the all-time bestseller from SciFi mastermind Frank Herbert. Set 20,000 years in the future, the story tells of star systems trapped in feudal times. Computers are banned for religious reasons and noble families rule. The center of this epic story is the planet Arrakis. The rare substance ‘spice’ is harvested here, but gigantic, killer sandworms also swim across the vast desert landscapes. The second film adaptation of Dune is currently in theaters and has thankfully been much better received than David Lynch’s 1984 monstrosity.

dune, best science fiction books

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2. 1984 – George Orwell (1949)

George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning against totalitarian regimes, in which the government monitors and controls all aspects of human life. 1984 premiered in 1949 (written between 1946 and 1948) when Nazi Germany had just been defeated. At least as current today, with powerful global players like China and Russia and new technologies to monitor and misinform people.

george orwell, 1984, best science fiction books

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3. Foundation – Isaac Asimov (1952: book trilogy)

A great trilogy that should not be missing from the SciFi fan’s shelf. In the twilight years of a crumbling galactic empire, psychohistorian Hari Seldon devises a plan to build a new empire 1000 years from now. Using psychohistory and complex mathematical calculations, the actions of groups of people are predicted with great precision. That only applies less to the actions of individuals. It may not be one of the best known science fiction books, but it is a must read.

best science fiction books, dune, foundation

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4. Hyperion – Dan Simmons (1989)

Deserved winner of the Hugo Award in 1990 for the best science fiction story. this two part space opera takes you on a pilgrimage to the planet ‘Hyperion’. Here a group of travelers goes in search of the legendary ‘time tombs’. On the mysterious planet, travelers search for answers that can save humanity. They then have to get past a powerful creature called ‘The Shrike’, a metal abomination that cuts everyone to pieces. hyperion consists of 2 parts: hyperion in the fall of hyperion. If you Dune devoured, this will be your next favorite.

hyperion, book cover, sci fi

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5. War of the Worlds – Herbert George Wells (1898)

Next on the list is probably no stranger to lovers of science fiction books. The first edition dates from 1898 and tells the story of the Martians who come to conquer our planet. With deadly heat rays, the invaders destroy everything and everyone. A few decades later (in 1938). war of words another comic tail. Orson Welles told the story in the form of a radio play during a radio show. The American population panicked and chaos broke out. It was thought that the Martians had really landed.

war of the worlds, hg pits

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6. The Eternal War – Joe Haldeman (1974)

An intergalactic war that never ends. The story is inspired by the experiences that the writer himself had during the Vietnam War. The protagonist William Mandella, a physics student, joins the UNEF (United Nations Exploratory Force) where he fights against an alien civilization called the Taurans.

the eternal war

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7. The World of the Ring – Larry Niven (1970)

ring world tells the story of Louis Wu and his illustrious company with whom he travels to the ring world trips. A mysterious and artificial world in the form of a hollow ring inhabited within. Once they landed on this complex structure, the protagonists set out to investigate and soon made amazing discoveries. One of the oldest books on this list, we highly recommend it.

ring world

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8. Old Man’s War – John Scalzi (2006)

John Perry is a retired man in the downfall of his life. His wife passed away a few years ago and he can hardly enjoy life anymore. He is left with no choice but to join the CDF (Colonial Defense Forces). Here the consciousness of him is transferred to a strong young body. Not for show, but to fight for the safety of Earth and its colonies. He has to fulfill a ten-year contract, with a fair mention that more than half of the soldiers don’t make it back alive.

war of old

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9. The Station of Madness – CS Friedman (1990)

This sci-fi story has it all: alien domination and vampires! The dreaded Tyr, a reptilian alien race, has held the Earth in an iron fist for hundreds of years. The most intelligent and curious people have been eliminated and the remaining population tries to remain as discreet as possible. This becomes increasingly difficult for the protagonist Daetrin, a (nearly) immortal vampire who is exposed by Tyr. What follows is a crazy story that you prefer to read in one sitting.

the season of madness

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10. Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury (1953)

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian science fiction story set in a world where books are banned and critical thinking is suppressed. The title refers to the temperature at which the paper in the books catches fire and burns: 451 degrees Fahrenheit (around 233 degrees Celsius).

Fahrenheit 451

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Our Top 10 Science Fiction Books: From Dune to Hyperion

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