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50 Cent played fans with clues about GTA 6

Marketing is an art form. Rapper 50 Cent has desperate fans who have been into him for years. GTA 6 waiting frustratingly and cunningly for his new television project.

50 Cent: from music to television

Rapper 50 Cent hasn’t charted for years. However, that will hardly affect the multi-talented 47-year-old, because as a producer and actor he has recently achieved considerable success. Force, a crime drama he produces and in which he has a major role, is a huge hit in the United States. In fact, there are several spin offs On the scheduled date.

Curtis James Jackson III, as the rapper is called, is mostly a TV man in 2023. However, the rapper isn’t bad enough to use his status as a music legend in a clever way. In fact, all eyes were on his brand new TV series last week, without us realizing it.

GTA 6 revealed?

One step back: 50 Cent posted two mysterious photos on Instagram earlier this month. Both photos featured the Vice City logo, a location that appears frequently in Grand Theft Auto and is said to be the setting for GTA 6. Add the caption “I’ll explain it all later” and you’ve got fans going crazy. Especially when Curtis promptly deleted both posts, fans overwhelmingly concluded that the rapper had revealed his location and involvement in GTA 6 too soon.

Collaboration John Wick director

Unfortunately, those same fans may start cleaning up the streamers and confetti again. Following the radio silence of the 50 Cent camp, the Hollywood trade magazine Deadline has now revealed what the mysterious posts were hinting at. Not Grand Theft Auto, but a new crime series from Paramount+. called, in effect, vice city. Set in 1980s Miami, the series follows a group of friends who plan a heist to make ends meet after being kicked out of the military. Yes, that sounds exactly like a GTA plot, but unfortunately the series has nothing to do with the big game franchise. Great: 50 Cent is developing the series along with john wick-Director Chad Stahelski.

And then GTA 6?

50 Cent has just brilliantly exploited the fact that hungry fans have been waiting for years to reveal. GTA 6 they are waiting. In fact, vice city it’s just the working title of the project. So there’s a chance the title was cleverly chosen to grab attention now, and the crime drama will eventually be called differently. Well played50 cents, well played.

Not hungry for a new crime series, but curious where? GTA 6 for the love of God stay? In this article we will inform you based on the latest developments, rumors and speculations.

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Plot Twist: 50 Cent Played Fans With Clues About GTA 6

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