Among Us : The trendy lockdown saviour!

Among us is one of the games which has gained serious popularity in the lockdown. Though the game is quite old, it was embraced recently as huge downloads were seen during the COVID period.

Among Us, The perfect game to kill your boredom.

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018.

“ I was in the electrical”, “Not me”, “ Red sus”, “where was pink?”! If you’ve understood these questions, it’s safe to say you’ve been a swift player of the trendy ongoing go-to game, AMONG US!

Among us is one of the games which has gained serious popularity in the lockdown. Though the game is quite old, it was embraced recently as huge downloads were seen during the COVID period. With people being bored, lazy, and frustrated, this game came like an angel and stayed. This app has legit attracted more than 85 MILLION PLAYERS IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS. How crazy is that?!

Among us: What is it about?

If you’re not yet aware of the existence of the game, don’t worry! We’re here! So basically how the game works is that there is one “ Imposter” who has the task of killing people secretly while the other crew members, unaware of the identity of the imposter, who is in fact present among them, have to guess who the Imposter is! Up to 10 players can take part in the game, where there can be 1, 2 or 3 imposters, and so on.

Among Us Crewmate
Among Us Crewmate

When the game starts, you’ll be notified if you’re an imposter(lucky you!) Or a crew member(ugh, not again!!!). When a crew member finds a dead body, he reports and lets other players know where was the body found and if he/she saw someone around. If someone suspects another crew member, they notify it saying, “white is acting sus”, which is basically the most said dialogue in the game. Players then vote for the member who they think is the Imposter. Accusations, alliances, and swooping lies are too fun to watch and a mandatory part of the game. Once the crew decides whom to vote and everyone has voted, the result determines if they’ve voted for the right one or ejected an innocent player. You can even use security cameras to spy on other crew members and keep a watch on what’s happening.

Trust me, It’s crazy! From defending yourself when you’re the Imposter to getting mad when you never get lucky enough to be an Imposter, this game is a roller coaster ride! No doubt!

Sudden widespread of the game 

Well, because of the popularity the game has gained all of a sudden, YouTubers and content creators have recognized this as an opportunity and made the right move. How? By streaming! There are several live streams that have been observed, where YouTubers are playing Among us with fellow content creators and It has been hilarious to witness that!

Among Us Impostor
Among Us Impostor

Many meme pages have taken advantage of the sudden boom in the game and started coming up with next-level content on the game. Some of the common things said by the players like,
“Red is acting sus”
“Not meee”
“Bro, I was in the elec”
“Vote pink, Vote pink”
“I saw blue vent!!!!!”
These memes are not only funny but super relatable once you get addicted to the game. After that, there’s no going back.!

Among Us

Basically, it’s a game where you have to go complete sherlock! Includes blame-shifting, going way too extra with our lies, fabricating, making stories, or actually convincing people to believe you! AS FUN AS IT SOUNDS!

Playing this game with friends is a different level of fun but playing with strangers is no less! People from all over the world, blame-shifting, and getting anxious over who is to be blamed gives us the typical 2020 vibe! Hahahah! All in all, this game has done justice to the social distancing norms as you can sit in your boxers, screaming and panicking over this Imposter game, without having to be around people/friends.

At this point, anything that can make us forget the boredom works for us! With people sitting inside their houses, working from home, and attending classes online, such games help shift the frustration and anxiety and are actually keeping us sane and happy. That’s a win!

Have you played the game yet? If yes, “DON’T VOTE ME OUT! I WAS IN THE NAVIGATION!!!!!!”.

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