Audi Q2 Launched in India: The most affordable Audi series

The brand new Audi Q2 was launched today and holds high popularity. The most affordable collection of the entire Audi series.

Audi Q2

Audi Q2 was launched today and holds high popularity. The most affordable collection of the entire Audi series. The brand is the high end preference for many Indian household. But the introduction of this very product gives the opportunity for the middle class families to have such a dream product being a very part of the family.

Last year around this time the country was undergoing the pressure of automobile recession and the pain still continues. For many families this time is hard to plan for a automobile purchase. Even for the manufacturing industries this is terribly a high pressure period which becomes a complicated period to invest on any new launches. The risk taking factor is what is unique in the business communities.

Features of the new and sleek Audi Q2

The very new and happening Audi Q2 comes with a highly powered TFSI engine which means Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Engine. It produces around 190 PS (Pferdestrke). With an extreme peak of torque, the rotational force of the car and tells the engines twisting power. How cool is that !!!

Audi Q2
Audi Q2

It’s comparatively smaller than it’s not so direct competitors like Mercedes and Volvo. But the prize ranges are almost on the similar scale. The Audi Q2 measures around 1,508 mm in height, 4191 mm in length and 1,794 mm in width. With the magnificent wheel base of approximately around 2, 600 mm, understanding that Q2 is the smallest in the Q ranges of Audi. As of now there are 5 variants in the Q series of Audi.

The car holds a LED tail light with a unexpected dynamic change in the turn signals, parking censors and highly powered door mirrors.

Interiors of the Audi Q2

The upgrades of the interiors of the car isn’t much of the talk as this series is exclusively made for the cost effective range it holds in the market as of now. But there is always a surprise that the buyers get from the Audi range is that, Audi Q2 has interesting changes in its cockpit. And the sunroof becomes premium. Yes! You heard it right !

Sunroof is an emotion to not just kids but the adults too. And Audi Q2 made the right choice in bringing in the changes of the sun roof. Inclusive of the digital instrument cluster, significantly enhanced parking aid with plus system is what any one in a crowded area craves for. It contains 4 speakers Multi Media Interface infotainment with Bluetooth amenities. Fabric seats which are compatibly flexible. The cost of the basic model of the Audi Q2 series is 34.99 L.

There are various sections of the Audi Q2 series and there feature differs quite a little from one another.

The Audi Q2 premium

The changes from the basic Audi Q2 is that t has Apple ( I O S ) car – play and Android Auto and eight (8)  speakers in the place of entry spec’s Q2 entrance floor as mentioned by the survey of auto car India. the cost of the Audi Q2 Premium starts with .40.89L.

The Audi Q2 Premium Plus 1

This series from the Audi Q2 series doesn’t get any upgrades in the exteriors either. But it does get the upgrades from the premium version where the Audi Q2 Premium Plus receives select drive modes, key less entry and cruise control and many other drive options for the buyers to enjoy. The cost of this particular series starts with 44.64L.

The Audi Q2 Premium Plus 2

This series of the Audi Q2 holds variant benefits from the significant exterior upgrades. Carries sportier S-Line Exterior, Five metal spoke wheels and extensive version of black styling package in the Audi Q2 Premium Plus 2. Multi functioning flat bottomed steering wheel. the cost for this particular series is 45.14L.

Audi Q2 Technology
Audi Q2 Technology

The technology

This version of the series holds the impacts and features of the Audi Q2 Premium 2 and the Audi Q2 basic version making this edition the high end of the series and also the one with high end extensive technologies .The price for this very car of the Audi Q2 series is 48.89L.

The Audi Q2 series becomes the most affordable ones of the entire Audi collection as a whole. Which naturally becomes a car for anyone who always wanted to own one of the Audi cars.

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