• Arun Ananth

    Arun Ananth is an English Graduate and passionate content writer. He is tech-savvy and loves to pen down articles on technology and entertainment. Being an exhaustive reader and keen observer of happenings, he is on cue to what's latest and trending. This makes him an integral part of the venture.
  • Bhumika Kashyap

    Is a Senior Content writer and has been into content writing for the past few years. Writing has always been her passion that helps her to produce quality articles.
  • Hitha M

    Hitha M is a Postgraduate student and a creative thinker. Being a budding writer, she is more passionate about culture, myths, and traditions. Hitha is currently interested in writing Cultural, Health, and Psychological content.
  • Karen Sajan

    Karen, a writer, and a language enthusiast. I enjoy reading books and learning more about authors. Besides reading, I like to keep up with the trends which not only Bollywood goes with but also Hollywood. I like to watch movies especially foreign ones. Besides languages and books, I feel an intense love for nature and wildlife.
  • Marzuka Kazi

    Marzuqa Kazi is a post graduate student. She is currently pursuing her passion in writing and content blogging. Her areas of interest include literature, art , cinema, psychology etc. She has a keen interest in learning about other subjects.
  • Misty Jiji

    Misty Jiji is currently pursuing her master's degree in English Literature. She is a content writer who loves to explore the depths of the world through travel and experience. She has begun the journey to seek the experience.
  • Shreya Mahindrakar

    Currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Computer Application. She has a very good flow on her language where she can express her thoughts and pen it down as content or blog writing. She has worked with us on writing best of the contents on entertainment industry. She is very enthusiastic while working with us.
  • Chiranshu Walia

    Chiranshu Walia is an IT guy who takes care of all the technical aspects of the website. He also has a keen interest in writing, especially in the entertainment category. He loves to experiment and a risk-taker, which makes him an extraordinary element of Trendy Bapu.
  • Vaishnavi S

    Master's in literature, with high enthusiasm in exploring creative ideologies in life. Love interacting with thoughtful beings. Would give all hearts for filter coffee.
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