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Avengers Directors Reveal Big-Big Spy Series

Amazon has behind the directors, among other things Avengers Endgame enabled for Citadel, an ambitious new project that combines the best of the work of James Bond and Christopher Nolan. At least on paper.

The first poster of Citadel suggests that you are looking for a private label version of Principle you’re watching. An impression that you cannot completely get rid of while watching the first trailer. However, we’re not talking about some cheap, dark TV series here. Indeed, this is an ambitious Amazon spy series, with none other than the Russo brothers at the helm.

Marvel directors present Citadel

Exactly: Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who came together to create Marvel gems like, among others. Avengers Endgame in Captain America: The Winter Soldier delivered. Well, with the disappointing the gray man it crumbles them kill streak a bit out of place already, but they are big names nonetheless. Not surprisingly, half of Hollywood uses them for new projects. Everyone wants a piece of Marvel’s (once) effective recipe.

Amazon too. From April 28 you can see the first season of Citadel watch on the streaming service, an international spy series that seems to be something of a combination of James Bond and the work of Christopher Nolan. The Russo brothers have a Marvel star and game of Thronesveteran Richard Madden and all-rounder Priyanka Chopra land Jonas for the lead roles.

Citadel Amazon Prime Video Marvel Avengers regisseurs
Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Image: Amazon)

spies with amnesia

The large-scale series follows Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jones), two veteran spies who worked for the global spy organization Citadel. job, Yes. The Citadel protected the world from a group of mysterious villains called the Manticore until it was destroyed by that same group.

Kane and Sinh fled and lost all their memories for an unknown reason. Until one day Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) comes to see them to recruit them one last time for the ultimate fight against international evil. Yes, this sounds like an AI synopsis, but it’s actually what the Avengers directors have cooked up in their movie kitchen.

Clichés and big ambitions

The first trailer for Citadel It immediately emphasizes the international reach of the ensemble, with a healthy dose of action and the wonderful spy movie cliché of the winter sports chase. It all sounds clichéd but entertaining, but Amazon clearly has bigger and more ambitious plans than that. This should not be a light snack. The tech giant wants to Citadel namely, one flagship franchise which will consist of several spy thrillers, produced and shot in different countries, with interconnected stories. There are even two parts in production that will take place in Italy and India. Yes, the Russo brothers can make the connected Marvel Cinematic Universe again.

Starting April 28, we’ll find out on Amazon Prime Video if they can repeat their trick again. Let’s hope so, because the first trailer and poster of Citadel Don’t exactly give the impression that this is the spectacular opening shot of a new mega-franchise…

Citadel Amazon Prime Video Marvel Avengers regisseurs
spot the differences (Image: Amazon)

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Avengers directors make Bond an ambitious spy series

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