Baba Ka Dhaba – How the Couples Lives Changed Overnight!

Baba Ka Dhaba - How the Couples Lives Changed Overnight!

Baba Ka Dhaba : Social media has the power to create massive differences. This was yet again prooved, when a dhaba, somewhere in south delhi gained popularity with the power of the media!

The video of the old man wiping his tears and sobbing spread like fire, crossing all the limits of likes, comments, re-tweets! Many celebrities and bloggers made use of their voice and decided to help the old couple in various ways. While some were seen offering financial help, some were also planning their lunch at Baba ka dhaba, encouring the public to do the same!

So this story is about the aged couple, who have contributed almost all of their life in cooking meals and feeding people with the Intention to earn atleast as much, as to survive for the following day and afford for the meals. Imagine doing this for not just 5,10 or 15, but 30 long years. This gives us chills, not gonna lie. Their story suddenly went all of the media, with everyone talking about Baba ka dhaba. Who knew this would ever happen? Hardwork pays off, atleast some day, now we understand.

Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi are the simple, aged couple that came in the limelight with a random post made by blogger Gaurav Vasan. The 80 year old man, kanta Prasad, explained his schedule, mentioning how the couple started off with cooking at sharp 6:30 in the morning, making sure the meals are all set to be served till 9:30 max. Not one, but a large variety of dishes including dal and matar paneer caught the attention. The charges mentioned by Kanta Prasad were just ₹30 for half a plate! They ended up spending as much as ₹500 but as the day ended, could not even earn anything near to it. Just some ₹10-20 notes accounting to be a total of not more that ₹70. Breaks our heart how people have been suffering so immencely but still working hard and staying stronger.

The couple have 2 sons and a daughter but got no actual help from them. They mentioned how the covid situation has been a tough time for them and also for all the people around the world, struggling as much as them or even more.

baba ka dhaba malviya nagar
baba ka dhaba malviya nagar

Baba ka Dhaba flooded with customers

Sonam kapoor, Randeep hooda, Raveena tandon, cricketers like R. Ashwin and Zomato are some of the examples of the ones who tweeted and extended a helping hand in whatever way they could. Since these celebrities had huge fan following, this helped the dhaba gain more popularity and in no time, everyone started talking about it.

This was indeed unexpected and out of the box for the couple, but it’s safe to say, it did change their life! There’s nothing social media can’t do. The voice and power of the platform, when used correctly, can do wonders, can turn tables, Indeed.

The couple who struggled to get enough money to survive their day, were now flooded with blessings, love and customers! Some even commented about how the dhaba will even need a waiter, very soon. Looking at the customers surrounded around the dhaba, was the most happy visual to see and made our hearts smile.

The couple was seen smiling with the amazing attention and the unexpected twist that turned them into the most talked about dhaba owners, overnight!

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