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Brad Pitt will deliver the last Formula 1 movie thanks to Top Gun

The last Formula 1 movie will be shot later this year. Brad Pitt, thanks to the revolutionary cinematic technology of Top Gun: Maverickdirector Joseph Kosinski actually racing in a Mercedes car. Even Tom Cruise is ready for the ambitious project.

Joseph Kosinski has known Top Gun: Maverick proven that bringing old movie franchises to life isn’t just about the soulless cash collectors need to lead. scores on rotten tomatoes say enough: Dissident it scores a solid 96 percent with critics and a 99 percent with audiences. A lucrative top film.

From Top Gun to Formula 1

So it’s no surprise that Apple is happy to provide a big budget for Kosinski’s next blockbuster. The 49-year-old director doesn’t exactly like cheaper, small-scale independent films. Kosisnki makes explosive blockbusters.

The Godfather is already busy with his next project: a Formula 1 movie starring none other than Brad Pitt. Pitt plays a seven-time Formula 1 champion who decides to call off his retirement and return to racing. Great, but Kosinski wouldn’t be Kosisnki if he didn’t push the boundaries of Hollywood again this time to bring his vision to the big screen.

Brad Pitt is really going to run

For example, Brad Pitt will drive a real Formula 1 car, in a real race. Those recordings will take place during the British Grand Prix. Joseph Kosisnki and producer Jerry Bruckheimer unveiled their ambitious plans at the F1 Accelerate Summit in Miami. There they revealed that they will create an “eleventh team to compete and film in and around the Silverstone track until the end of the year.” Their ambitions are high: Pitt and Kosinski want to make the most accurate and impressive racing movie ever seen.

innovative recordings

This is where innovation comes in Top Gun: Maverick It comes very well. A special 6K camera was developed for that film, the world’s smallest mobile 6K camera, which allowed us to fly in the cockpit with Tom Cruise.

This time Cruise is replaced by Brad Pitt, and the cockpit of the fighter jets by the cockpit of an F1 car. The movie studio has hired Mercedes for the car. Lewis Hamilton is also heavily involved in the project according to the creators: “Hamilton is involved on a daily basis, advising on the story and script to ensure it becomes the most accurate racing movie ever.”

Tom Cruise a CGI

By the way, it doesn’t have to be a project entirely without Tom Cruise. According to Will Buxton, who moderated the panel with Bruckheimer and Kosinski, Cruise has already offered to get behind the wheel if needed. After all, the controversial actor likes stunts.

By competing with in-car cameras, Kosisnki is able to avoid using CGI as much as possible. “It’s almost funny to see people so enamored with the actual footage. The younger ones hardly understand that. They’re so used to CGI in big movies that when you actually shoot something, it feels groundbreaking. That’s exactly the focus of our film, to shoot and capture the real races and the real cars.”

When does the Formula 1 movie come out?

That all sounds great, and thank you. Dissident we know we can expect at least one spectacular roller coaster. Hopefully they’ll also have time to write a good story amidst all the racing violence. The bad news? It is not yet known when this ambitious project will be released. We do know that the movie will be coming exclusively to Apple TV+, though there’s a good chance Apple will opt for a theatrical release first.

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How Brad Pitt delivers the best Formula 1 movie thanks to Top Gun

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