China Denies Joe Biden’s Victory

China and the US despite having trade war all the four-year tenure of Donald Trump, denies the Democrat's victory

China doesn’t accept the Democrat Victory of the US Elections

China and the US despite having trade war all the four-year tenure of Donald Trump, and all his foolish accusations against the countries who have been building great relations with the United States also with the countries who already have great existing relations. With this situation, the reaction of China in the current US elections and the victorious win of Joe Biden as the president and Kamala Harris as the Vice president have come out in a very absurd way. What do you think?

US-China Trade War
US-China Trade War

All this while Trump and Xi Jinping were having their own cold war with the accusations on Trump withdrawing the funds from WHO and then China being the only root cause behind the spread and the origin of Coronavirus. Donald Trump said that China failed to alert the countries on the outbreak of Coronavirus and that it caused dilemmas and millions of death across the world. If at all China would have alerted the countries on such an outbreak of coronavirus, Maybe the countries would have become highly alert and safe-guarded the people of the world.

When Trump pulled out the funds that go to the WHO, China pooled in the money and started extending its funding policies for WHO funds.

This was a very thoughtful move by China because the time when Trump pulled out their funds to WHO was the time they were in extreme need of it. It was a very crucial time, the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. The moment when the WHO begins mobilizing its funds to plan out the strategy to face the pandemic it suddenly became excruciating. But yes as the 2 political superpowers had their own digress and their own grudge which didn’t just affect them but also affects the alliance that they hold which the whole wide world.

US-China Relations
US-China Relations

It’s high time that these two countries stop their blame game. We as spectators have always wondered that will this end in the due course of time when Donald Trump leaves the White House after the end of his Presidentship of the United States of America. But did it come to end?

Naaaah! We mean is this even for real, china had issues with Trump being in office and now have issues against Joe Biden taking over the office of presidentship from the Democrats side. He denies the fact that Joe Biden won the US Elections of 2020. What even!?

US and China Trade War

Despite Trump’s 4 year tenure in the White House cost a huge trade cold war.

“Our understanding is that the outcome of the election will be determined in accordance with US laws and procedures,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told press at a regular briefing this reference was taken from ndtv.com. They even said that it is highly doubtful for the new US office bearers will even be able to meet China halfway.

Elections 2020
Elections 2020

What’s up!? Trump doesn’t seem like a guy who would take the defeat that easy right?  He doesn’t and that shows with his accusations when Joe was leading the polls, Trump jumped in and announced the accusations against the polls from Georgia, which initially seemed to be favorable to him but the moment it turned against Trump, he blasted it all out. What can we say?

Looks like even Trump isn’t going to take this defeat that lightly and seems to be least satisfied and also used his highly popular tactics of blaming. YES, guys, the Blame Game has begun. AGAIN.

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