Coronavirus Vaccine Update

182 coronavirus vaccine candidates in pre/clinical-trial stages round the world. Nine out of which are at the final human-trial stage. India has two vaccines in Phase-II trials and one in Phase-III. Experts have estimated vaccines could be available for the general public during March/April. Firms like Moderna Inc and Pfizer are eyeing the emergency-use authorization route to launch their shots by year-end. As per the sources, India has used its manufacturing abilities to pre-order 600 million doses of the Corona vaccine and is negotiating for a billion more! Us has also pre-ordered some!

Corona Virus has Infected quite 46.8 million people round the world and has claimed up to 1,205,000 With the virus spreading sort of fire and re-surfacing in Europe, the vaccine is that the only excellent news that the planet needs.

It will almost take three/four long years to manufacture enough vaccines for the sufficiency of the whole world.

However, developed countries and even developing countries like India have taken a lead and booked almost billions of doses.
“India is producing vaccines to guard the planet against Covid-19, why shouldn’t it ensure its own citizens are protected as well? the govt is committed to protecting the health of its citizens, so all measures are taken to make sure we get adequate doses of the vaccines once they are available,” said a senior Union health ministry official.

coronavirus vaccine update today news
coronavirus vaccine update today news


Pfizer had earlier mentioned that it could have vaccine efficacy data in October and will supply almost 40 million doses within the USA this year if clinical testing proceeds needless to say and regulators approve its single nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) vaccine.

“We have reached the walk here. If all goes well, we’ll be able to distribute an initial number of doses,” AFP quoted Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla as saying.


US-based Moderna Inc is predicted to submit interim results of mRNA-1273 vaccine trials said a positive outcome could see the firm get US approval for emergency-use authorization till December, consistent with a report within the Wall Street Journal.

Moderna is aiming for the assembly of 20 million doses of its experimental vaccine by the year-end.

In addition, during a bid for speedy approval, Moderna has begun a rolling data submission of its vaccine candidate to the UK’s health regulator to start out its independent assessment of evidence as and when it becomes available. These are much needed keeping in mind the present conditions.

Moderna has also applied for a such real-time review of the vaccine in Canada also.

Covid has created havoc amongst the world and it’s true once they say that an epidemic never comes easy, It does accompany a price. Hopes pinned over the vaccine to return and function an angel within the terrible situation that exists.

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