Creed III is delayed, so we are reminiscent of all parts of Rocky. Do you remember these cult films?

Rocky Balboa is one of the most important figures in the history of pop culture to me. It is sometimes said that the heroes of specific imaginary universes can influence our lives no less than real people. And here is the case – the boxer from Philadelphia, played by Sylvester Stallone, for me is the same level of personality formation as, for example, Son Goku.

Suffice it to say that watching him fight meant I spent several years in the ring myself.. This is a story for another occasion. I would like to return to the films themselves – almost every one of them has a story and absolutely all of them were aimed at sending a certain message. Sometimes it is even global, and sometimes it is individual. But we always got a worthy lesson.

And while we probably won’t admire Sylvester Stallone in the latest out-of-universe movie, expectations are still high. And, unfortunately, you will have to be patient, because just a few weeks ago we received information that The premiere of “Creda III” has been postponed from the end of this year to 2023. To make the expectations more pleasant, it is worth remembering how we got there.

Rocky (1976)

This is where it all started. It was this film that became the beginning of great fame not only for Rocky Balboa, but also for Sylvester Stallone himself. His struggles for the film are already legendary, such as having to sell his beloved dog (and then buy it back for a fee) or insisting on playing the main character.

As we know today, he finally got his way, and we were able to get acquainted with the story of a little-known underground worker who became famous for his hard nose. About the guy who taught us that sometimes a chance comes once in a lifetime and it’s definitely better to grab it than sleep through it. Who does not drink champagne will never move forward. And sometimes even a defeat can turn into a victory in another field. Classic, simple.

Rocky 2 (1979)

Three years later, we received another part – this time somewhat contradicting what was the highlight of the previous part. Rocky Balboa decided to try his hand at a rematch with the guy he faced on the occasion of the film’s premiere, Adonis Creed. And although the very structure of the story is very similar to the first, you can still enjoy it. Moreover, in the end, it offers a satisfying ending.

Rocky III (1982)

Many friendships developed in the ring, as did the story of Rocky. In the third film, which again we have to wait three years, we see a growing friendship between the title character and Creed, who was his main opponent in the previous two parts. Together they intend to face a powerful rival – a guest named James Lang (the once popular Mr. T).

And although we are dealing with a “typical sports movie” again, here we get so many twists and turns that even despite some predictable closure, it was still really enjoyable to watch.

Rocky IV (1985)

And this film is perhaps the most beloved of all, and certainly the most popular. And I could probably subscribe to it myself. A great idea for a story that resonated perfectly with the social mood of the Cold War. Very strong and unexpected scenario solutions, and the most brutal of all positions. I still get goosebumps when I watch the final showdown with the ruthless Ivan Drago of the USSR and listen to the wild training soundtrack. Heeeearth on fire!

Rocky Vee (1990)

Many agree that Rocky should end on the occasion of the fourth part and the clash with the Soviet boxer, but the studio had other plans. For the first time, we had to wait for a sequel for more than three years (five in this case), and it resulted in … Perhaps the weakest part of the series. Rocky is now retired and has to deal with serious injuries from his last match.

However, he does not intend to completely fence himself off from the world of sports and takes under his wing a very talented Tommy, from whom he intends to make a new world champion. Everything changes when he is tempted by huge earnings and a whole world of celebrities who will have to be dissuaded from him. And that’s literally.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

However, just like Rocky Balboa could never fail, Sylvester Stallone couldn’t end the series the way we saw him in Rocky V. And now, after almost sixteen years, the next part of the adventures of the popular boxer from Philadelphia debuted. And although the actor himself was already at his age and many underestimated him, in terms of the message, this was probably the best film in the series. He focused on family ties and just… Never give up, even when life brings you to your knees. Fantastic movie.

Creed (2015)

At present, we can no longer enjoy Sylvester Stallone, who gets between the ropes and pushes opponents (although he probably still could take into account what a cyborg he is), but it still adds value to the universe. After all, the world that began in the 70s of the last century is still moving forward – and now films called Creed, where the role of the titled boxer is played by Michael B. Jordan, have become a window into it. Ah, this one is obviously the son of Adonis.

Creed 2 (2018)

So far, this is the last premiere from the world of Rocky and definitely one that has lived up to the expectations of the fans. It is interesting that a somewhat proven, but very risky topic was set here – nostalgia was played out. The main character plays Victor Drago. Yes, the name does not bother you – the son of Ivan, with whom Rocky dealt with more than thirty years ago. And, of course, there was no shortage of competition on these tracks.

What’s important, however, is that you can see the passage of time also in terms of cinematic and multi-threaded characters. Victor is not as one-dimensional as his father – he is more human. No wonder then that he managed to win a lot of fans (after all, we love fairy tales about bad guys who proved their point) and a spin-off is planned that will focus on this hero. Does he have a chance of success? After Stallone’s latest statements… It’s hard to say.

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