Czech Republic. He flew a World War II aircraft. He died in a plane crash at an air show

Crash of a historic Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV aircraft on display at Cheb in West Bohemia. A pilot who recreated the image of Karel Kuttelwascher, the legendary ace of World War II, died in a plane crash. Czech media publish a record of the accident, informing that the old machine has become the last aircraft in the world.

The plane crash happened on Sunday airshow in the West Bohemian city of Cheb.

Tragedy during a vintage car show

Experience during the airshow Czech military and civilian pilot, flight instructor Petr Paches diedwhen his plane crashed into a field outside the airport. Paches was, incl. MiG-21 pilot, air traffic controller and Boeing 737 commercial pilot. Recently he has been participating in demonstrations of vintage cars.

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According to Radio Praga International, the pilot died on the spot, and one person was injured.

Czech lovers say goodbye to the pilot aviation.

The accident happened when the aviator put on a show that was a reenactment dedicated to WWII ace pilot Karel Kuttelwascher. During the war, this pilot scored eighteen confirmed air victories. In 1942, he became famous, including night sorties over France, during which he destroyed bombers intended for air strikes on the UK.

The program of the event shows that Petr Paces was supposed to start at 15:21. after the Pilatus P2-05 aircraft and before the North American P-51D Mustang.

“I filmed a beautiful plane, I filmed death”

“I wanted to rent a beautiful plane, unfortunately I filmed death“, – wrote on Twitter Roman Shmukler, who recorded the flight immediately before the accident.

On the other hand The magazine published a recording of the accident itself.where you can see how the plane is dangerously close to the ground during evolution, and then crashes into a field near a single-family house.

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According to the portal the force of the impact was so great that the engine of the car was torn out of the body and fell on a nearby road.

Karlovy Vary police launched an investigation to disaster.

The last flying replica of the British legend

The air show was immediately stopped..

“There was a plane crash at the airport. The event was completed according to the contingency plan. All emergency services on site“, – said the organizer of the event “Aviation Day in Cheb”.

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The tragic accident happened outside the airport, in the field outside the buildings. We would like to thank all visitors for their cooperation and following the instructions of the organizers,” the press release reads. Cheb Airport has been intensively preparing for the exhibition since this spring.

According to Czech media manufactured in 1942, the crashed aircraft is the last operational and airworthy Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV. in the world.

The aircraft, commonly known as the Hurouš, was on display at the museum at Tochna Airport in Prague.

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