do THIS and you will conquer the hearts of these signs

There is a very good feeling that we all love to feel: awakening when we are trying to win over that special person. Exchanging glances, talking, trying to keep the relationship as healthy, fun, and enjoyable as possible so it can develop into a romantic relationship… There’s a lot at play here.

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Of course, not everyone can flirtso you need to keep pushing yourself to do a good job, but the bottom line is no one is invincible. You just need to know which way to flirt.

And today we are here to help with the signs of the zodiac. The vast majority of them have very specific tastes and preferences, so if you know how each of them works, it will be easier for you to deal with your love.

We will point out some of the signs here and explain what you need to do to defeat them. Is your special someone on the list? If not, how much does it cost to prepare for the next one? Keep for updates.


Let’s start with Gemini because they love to talk! If you want to beat him, start with the basics: attention. They will want a lot of attention from you. Are you a good listener? This will be a great start.

They love to hang out, sit in bars and chat for hours, so there’s a lot to talk about and pay attention to what they have to say, as it’s very likely that you can get far.


Libras are the type of people who like to see that the other person interested. They will also show interest, call you to talk, invite you on dates, but all they want is reciprocity.

No power games, not wanting to show that no one needs him. He shows what he wants and expects the same behavior in return.


Scorpions are mysterious creatures. And, like good mystery people, they enjoy a good little game of seduction. That look, that chat, where not everything should be 100% clear, even if it is so.

Have fun with this game and be captivating, because little by little the Scorpio will give up. When it finally rolls, it will be even more enjoyable.


Sagittarians are those people who love the feeling of falling in love. Those butterflies in their stomachs, that goofy smile… it’s all part of the experience they love, so they tend to be intense.

If this intensity doesn’t bother you, go ahead because they can be scary for those who are not used to it. If you are really looking for a love story, you can bet on them.


Finally, Pisces with a giant heart. Interestingly, these people cling to kindness, which is why they are generous, caring and especially empathetic people who will look at you differently.

So mix it all up with love and kindness and you have a magical formula that will shake the heart of any Pisces person.

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