‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend

‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend

‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend. Chennai and the people there are known for their love for movies at the same time we cannot forget cricket. Post the Covid-19 lockdown, fans returned to the cricket stadiums after a long time at Chepauk and they had made certain the air at the MA Chidambaram was energetic during the 2nd Test between India and Chennai.

We saw entertainment and excitement amidst them as they went from signing birthday tunes for Ben Foakes to amping up the noise after Virat Kohli, the cricket fans totally created a massive buzz around Chepauk as India pranced to a 317-run win against England in the 2nd Test and had a 1-1 level in the 4-Test series.

‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend
‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend

‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend

Amidst all this enthusiasm, there were also some humorous jiffies as a section of fans were seen asking England all-rounder Moeen Ali for “Valimai Update”.Valimai Update has been a catchword in Tamil Nadu as the lovers of actor Ajith Kumar have been anticipating for months for the upcoming movie of their favorite star. Lately, the fans of the star have spared no platform to get a glance of Valimai. Only in recent times, the creators of the movie and artist Ajith had issued an announcement, urging fans to be tolerant and hang around for updates from the movie.

Frustrated fans have started a campaign that can be only pronounced as amusing. What commenced as an inoffensive social media campaign with #ValimaiUpdate has now taken a different shape altogether with fans asking about the film’s update at even unconnected public events, counting sports and politics.

‘Valimai Update?’ here to stay: A trend

Moeen Ali, a cricketer from Australia, was fielding along the boundary ropes on Day 1 of the 2nd Test, a section of fans interacted with the all-rounder, apparently leaving him perplexed.

Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin, talking about the 2nd Test in Chennai, where his all-round efforts helped India seal a series with a win, exposed that the mass at the stadium had questioned England’s Moeen Ali about ‘Valimai’. We see Ashwin laughingly recall Moeen asking him confusedly what ‘Valimai’ denoted signified.

Later we see Ashwin saying that the funny moment that showed how passionate Tamilians are about cinemas. Someone in the boundary line called out to him and suddenly asked, ‘Valimai update?’. The player has since then found much amusement in this new trend.

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