Epiphany celebrations amidst the pandemic


Epiphany is simply a Christian holiday, celebrated on 6th January every year. The fun fact is it defines the term of manifestation. Before we go deep into understanding the concept of what is behind the entire epiphany holiday, we shall understand the idea behind what manifestation holds.

Manifestation generally holds up the entirety of our living and what happens in our life. Manifestation is a manifold that occupies the occurrence of our life.

Happy Epiphany Day

Epiphany mainly is the celebration of the revelation of the great incarnation of The Almighty as Jesus Christ. It’s the day that reveals the presence of Infant Jesus. This significantly started coming into action in the 4th century. This celebration was initiated by the Western Church. This is majorly a Catholic Holiday and is celebrated in Catholic countries around the world.

Happy Epiphany day 2021
Happy Epiphany day 2021

The celebration mode often is an amalgamation of varieties of rituals like, Ice water swimming, gifts, leaving straws, and food for the horses. I various places and countries, children often even leave their shoes outside their homes for receiving gifts, just like leaving a sock for receiving gifts during Christmas. Looks like they have a knack for footwear and foot accessories.

Happy Epiphany pictures
Happy Epiphany pictures

Happy Epiphany Wishes

Most Christians believe that three wise men came to see the incarnation of God in Infant Jesus, their visit was highly significant as they were the ones who agreed to the fact of the great incarnation of The Almighty in an infant. It was the final words of these three men that changed the entire fate of Christianity.

Share your thoughts on this celebration and also give us some insights on how you would be celebrating this very holiday, keeping in mind that every day is a celebration and also we are amidst the pandemic we are currently in. Take care and have fun and also stay tuned for new stuff.

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