FAU-G: Teaser of Indian Reply to PUBG is Here

Actor Akshay Kumar has released the teaser of FAU-G, a much anticipated action game that thrives to be a reply to the renowned game, PUBG.

The FAU-G teaser is filled with mottos that try to awake the “Indian” as a patriot.


Fearless And United – Guards, FAU-G, is an upcoming Indian action game that claimed wide attention soon after its announcement that followed the ban of Chinese apps, which included PUBG. It is a single player action game, with possible support for online multiplayer mode. The term FAU-G is inspired from the Hindi word “Fauji”, meaning soldier.

While much details about the technical as well as gameplay aspects are still on the way, the teaser that was released hints towards the possibility of a more “Non-PUBG” like game. The game is being created by nCore Games, a Bengaluru based company, under the guidance of Vishal Gondal.


FAU-G: Teaser Of Indian Reply to PUBG is here
Akshay Kumar



Upon drawing a comparison between FAU-G and PUBG, Gondal denied the notion that the former is India’s alternative to the Chinese latter. “FAU-G’s gameplay will not come with a battle royale mode upon release. Instead, the gameplay will be based on India’s recent armed conflict against China at the Galwan Valley border”, Gondal quoted.

However, the difference in genre cannot entirely cover up the fact that such a game, with such closely resembling title, announced at such an intriguing time, could never set free from being compared to Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG).

Possible Release

After an initial possibility of release in October 2020, latest rumors suggest that FAU-G will be released within a few weeks, i.e., in November 2020


The Government of India took tough measures on banning Chinese related apps, software and social media platforms following the diplomatic standoff between the two countries which erupted due to the border clashes.

After banning Chinese apps such as TikTok, SHAREit and Helo, PUBG was also banned along with other 117 Chinese apps on 2 September 2020 in an unprecedented move by the Indian government which eventually triggered anger and shock among the gamers in India.

PUBG Ban and Prospect

PUBG’s servers were chiefly based outside of India. All the user data were transmitted to those servers in an unauthorised manner, something which fell into the accuse of stealing. Prior to the indefinite ban, India was regarded as the largest and prominent market for PUBG with the country accounting for 175 million downloads and 24% of global users.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in India, the number of users and number of playing hours also surged gradually.


FAU-G: Teaser Of Indian Reply to PUBG is here


Atmanirbhar FAU-G

FAU-G is speculated to have developed as a part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, which was proposed by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an effort to make India a self-reliant and self-sufficient nation.

Suggestive FAU-G Gameplay

The trailer envisions the Galwan Valley border, where the Indian soldiers are seen vigilant to the movement of cross-border troops. A tussle follows where the border country’s soldiers provoke the Indian Army and attempt to engage in hand-to-hand combat. The Indian soldiers fight back to withhold the glory of the land, with which the teaser ends.

Throughout the teaser, captions and mottos, invoking patriotism and valor are flashed. All these clearly point towards the fictitious representation of what happened between India and China at the Galwan Valley a few months back, as suggested by Gondal.

The graphics need more improvement, something which the company too is keen on.


According to nCore Games, around 20% of the total net revenue would be donated for the Bharat Ke Veer: India’s Bravehearts initiative, a collaborative effort to support the families of Indian armed forces.


The gaming market, which is wide open after the ban of PUBG, is the target for FAU-G’s creators. PUBG is trying to make a comeback, with the parent Korean company terminating its tie-up with Tencent Games and thereby cutting off the Chinese relations.

While the trick would take time and lacks surety of return, FAU-G has got a really good opportunity of taking control over the minds of starved games, who are in search of an alternative for PUBG. Thus, the game has high chances of achieving the success it ought to achieve.


Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HgeZHs7hcU

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