FIFA 23 will offer “the most authentic and realistic graphics”. EA has polished the grass and surprises positively

FIFA 23 has already appeared on the current generation consoles, but this does not mean that the electronics do not intend to improve the visual sphere. The latest EA game will receive a whole bunch of improvements that you will see from the first launch, because the developers want to boost not only the gameplay experience, but the team has not forgotten to build the right atmosphere.

The topic of graphics could not be missing at the meeting with EA Sports employees. I wasn’t sure how the developers played this issue – after all, FIFA 23 is still making its debut in two generations – but it turned out that the developers found time to refresh the game in an interesting way.

FIFA 23 changes … the grass?

FIFA 22 Hypermotion 2.0

When during the Elektroników event the phrase “hyper realistic turf” was mentioned, I thought that the creators were joking, but … Not this time. EA decided to significantly refresh the grass, which looks much better – the developers realize that we are looking at the pitch for 99% of the game, so after many years it was decided to improve the game significantly. The pitch looks better because the developers took care of a whole lot of details and added more vivid colors, but most of all they prepared a system of “terrain degradation”. Now every slide affects the pitch, which is literally ruinous – even a celebration where a footballer slides on his knees leaves marks.

A similar refreshment occurred in the case of the net located on the goal, because even here changes were taken care of, thanks to which the element is more visible during the match, and the incoming ball is to react better and bounce in a more realistic way. EA has also not forgotten about fans who have been improved to also present themselves better – although in this case I still have to look at 2-3 exact comparisons to be able to judge how big changes have been made by the developers.

However, “intelligent replays” look great, because when watching, for example, a shot, we get additional information about the power of the ball kick or we see the trajectory of the ball – these are small details, but there will probably be players who will be willing to look at such details. EA is great at creating shots to present the chance to score a goal live – in this situation, a new camera setting has been applied to better present the action.

EA will show you our treasures

FIFA 22 Mbappe

Positive changes to the visuals of FIFA 23 also appear in the modes. In FIFA Ultimate Team, before the start of the match, we will see a very nice presentation of individual cards – here, of course, it is worth having something to brag about, but probably after a few months you will be able to arrange a squad that will offer the expected quality. By refreshing the visualization of the line-up, EA wants to not only present the formation better (after all, it’s good to know who we are up against), but also the developers speed up the transition to the game – now we will start the match much faster.

FIFA 23 introduces female leagues (Women’s Super League, France D1 Arkema) to the game, so the developers took care of the entire pre-match setting and during the match we will see other presentations of players and special animations here. The creators, however, have not forgotten about the players and the latest EA Sports title will be the first installment in the series, which will also receive realistic broadcast packages from Serie A, which you can see while watching Juventus or Milan matches.

EA has decided to increase the authenticity and realism of the production, so for this reason, completely new, pre-match movie sequences have been prepared that show the stadiums – players can see what the most famous facilities look like at the time of great sports events. Developers also created drone shots to enhance the visualization, and all these details are to deepen the experience and provide a sense of participation in a football event.

Will FIFA 23 Hear the Difference?

FIFA 22 City

At the show, I had the opportunity to see what the material looks like before the Champions League final, where PSG is faced with Liverpool, and I must admit – it looks really interesting. We see more fans coming to the stadium, the team responsible for the organization is finalizing the last details related to the facility and of course there were also shots for the cup. These are details, of course, but enthusiasts of such delicacies may blur their hands.

Specialists from Electronic Arts realize that graphics are just one of the elements that build an appropriate experience. It is for this reason that the sound engineers took care of over 500 new fan chants, which we will hear during the next meetings, and the developers have not forgotten about the new hymns and refreshing the soundtrack. In FIFA 23 there are also minor improvements in the case of the DualSense controller, because now the loudspeaker can emit additional sounds, whose task is to improve our experience – from Sony equipment we will hear, for example, a referee’s whistle.

FIFA 23 is a nice visual evolution

Will we ever be able to talk about a visual revolution for the next EA Sports game? Definitely not. This series is systematically released at intervals of about 12 months, and in addition it systematically debuts on two-generation consoles. The creators improve the modes, sometimes they will provide new variants of the game, but in terms of graphics, we can count on minor changes. In FIFA 23 you will see some nice news that can actually have a positive impact on the experience, but do not count on a new quality … You will get this thanks to HyperMotion 2.0.

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