Freak and Bad Behavior?: King Charles III. is under great pressure

He was out of office a week before the inappropriate conduct of King Charles III. discussed. Apparently, the nerves of a 73-year-old man are always empty. But there are really good reasons for this.

After 70 years as heir to the throne, the former Prince Charles has moved from the second royal rank to the first and, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday, suddenly found himself in the center of news coverage. Such is the nature of things that this huge amount of attention finds him in a phase of deepest grief for his mother. However, the 73-year-old man’s nerves can be empty at times.

During the past few weeks, Charles visited the queen every day, was by her side in her last days and hours, and, of course, received from her many more wishes and instructions regarding the tasks ahead of him. What exactly Elizabeth gave her son for the position of head of the British monarchy, which she held for 70 years, remains his secret. But the pressure that has been on him since then is enormous.

Caught in the past

So far, the press has only tangentially reported on Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, also known as Charles. For example, when he traveled to foreign countries with his wife Camilla, he photographed baking or planting trees himself, or attended social gatherings as a representative of his recently weakened mother. However, in the course of the reports, the former prince’s earlier scandals also surface, such as an unsuccessful marriage to Princess Diana and an extremely slippery telephone conversation made before the divorce from his then sweetheart Camilla.

Now the image of Charles graces the covers. The public is watching the royal senior at every turn, and due to the current situation, he is making quite a few of them right now. It should not be forgotten that in November the new king will celebrate his 74th birthday. While he is starting his career from scratch, most of his peers are long retired.

The physical limitations that the king may already be struggling with can only be guessed at. For some time, the sight of his hands raised speculation about his health, as they were unusually swollen and red. During a visit to Australia in 2019, Charles himself joked about his “sausage fingers”.

Emphasized about the pen

General practitioner and medical journalist D. However, Christoph Specht gave the go-ahead in an interview with RTL. “Mostly it can be arthritis, inflammation of the joints, which is accompanied by swelling. But the fact that the back of the hand is also swollen is a sign of edema.” This water retention is not uncommon in the elderly and is not a major concern. All this must have irritated him, which could explain his behavior when signing any papers, which has recently been sharply criticized.

Twice within a few days he lost his temper at such a reception. At the signing of his proclamation on the Sabbath, he was irritated by the position of the inkwell, and with a commanding gesture ordered his servants to move the dishes. A new video is now circulating, taken during his visit to Northern Ireland. In it, he grumbles about the fact that the fountain pen is clearly leaking when he wants to sign the guest book of the royal residence. “I can’t stand this damn thing.” Is he really mad at the inkwell and fountain pen, or is he just distracting from the fact that his “sausage fingers” prevent him from reaching out and signing?

But Charles was used to critical reporting. As heir to the throne, he devoted himself to organic farming and conservation, for which he was repeatedly ridiculed, as well as for critical remarks about modern architecture. And as a former prince, he too knows stress and anger. He once fought a legal dispute with the Guardian newspaper over the so-called Black Spider Memos. It says that the then heir to the throne tried to exert political influence on politicians in 2004 and 2005. It also recently emerged that, as a prince, he likely accepted several million pounds from the family of the slain terrorist Osama bin Laden, as well as money from Qatar.

Unloved king?

According to the British media, this is probably one of the reasons why many Britons want Prince William to be the head of the royal family. Knowing this is definitely not very pleasant for the new king. In general, his reign began at a politically and economically difficult time: Liz Truss had just succeeded Boris Johnson, who was deposed because of his scandals, as prime minister, and the British population was suffering from high inflation and growing poverty. In addition, it is still stuffy in your own family. Charles’ relationship with his youngest son Harry and his wife Meghan has soured since they left the royal family. All this can make even a man of his position nervous and quarrelsome.

In the last 20 years, it must have scratched his self-confidence more often, always standing in his mother’s shadow. Throughout her life, the queen never thought to vacate the throne and leave it to her offspring. Did she not trust him to rule until the very end, and now he doubts himself too? It was often assumed, albeit jokingly, that Elizabeth would outlive her eldest son and that he would never take over as king. It is not known if Charles shared this fear.

With all the stress, being the heir to a mother’s millions doesn’t improve mood either. After all, Charles was already rich, born with the notorious “golden spoon” in his mouth. Unlike his disgraced brother Andrew, he never had to worry about his financial situation. Probably, he also never had to help with the housework, he was used to the fact that then everyone carries on himself. The fact that he is now speaking incorrectly into the ears of outsiders about his employees is probably not even unusual for the victims.

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