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Director: bobby kolli | Script: Kona Venkat, K. Chakravarthy Reddy | Cast: Chiranjeevi (Waltair Veeraya), Ravi Teja (ACP Vikram Sagar IPS), Shruti Haasan (Sridevi), Bobby Simha (Solomon Caesar), Prakash Raj (Kaala), ea | Time to play: 160 minutes | Year: 2023

In Hollywood the galaxy seems to be disappearing but in India you still have real stars. The return of Shah Rukh Khan lout is on track for a new revenue record this year. In Tamil cinema you still have Rajinikanth, nicknamed Superstar. An answer has been invented in Telugu cinema: Megastar or Chiranjeevi. The last of him waltair veraya, it is a thoroughbred all-star vehicle and therefore very nice to see with screaming, whistling and dancing fans in the cinema. At Home on the Couch is mostly a massively over-the-top action movie, overly complicated and yet overly simple.

Megastar gets his own credit for the title, in which the actor himself also appears in a circular frame, much like a Looney Tunes character. Later, in one of the songs, his character even sings that he is as good or handsome as actor Chiranjeevi. There is a moment when he gives a speech and his classmates whistle at him as if they were watching his movie, after which he makes a gesture of thanks to them and then to the camera, as if thanking the fans who whistle and boo . at that time in real life for his support.

But what if you are not a fan or cannot sympathize with them in the cinema? It then runs for two and a half hours, mostly due to a series of comedic interludes that rarely get really funny. The basis for this is that Chiraanjeevi’s Veerayya is incredibly tough and unapproachable in action scenes and heroic moments, but he always plays a scared drunk in between. That never really gets fun and the apparent disarmament doesn’t work either. The two styles mostly clash.

The action scenes also get a bit monotonous after a while. In almost all of them, Chiraanjeevi mows down small armies of opponents with her fists, feet, knives, and firearms. That is most often seen in (South) Indian action cinema, especially in these types of star vehicles, with a lot of slow-motion and fast-paced footage. zack snyder 300 had a huge impact on the genre here.

HS Rajamouli, the director who thanks to the bahubalimovies and RRR became a superstar of Telugu cinema himself, however, he has set the bar for this kind of action much higher than anything seen on screen under the care of Bobby Kolli in waltair veraya is showing up. This kind of action has a sort of mythological connotation, as if the main character is a hero from the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, but that feels less appropriate in a modern story about drug smuggling and vengeful gangsters than in historical epics.

In the first action scene that is even more impressive, also because it is the introduction of Chiranjeevi as a hero. But gradually the scenes become more and more repetitive and the comedic interludes somewhat undermine the seriousness with which hero worship in action can be taken. The songs in between do that less and at least still feel like isolated fantasies (one on a snowy mountaintop and another suddenly in an ancient Eastern European city, no locations appearing later in the story), though letters are not exactly tall. quality.

One of the songs even mentions that with the lyrics: “Forget the lyrics, just dance.” That’s also a scene that probably works especially in the movies. There isn’t much of that left at home on Netflix. What remains is a lot of comedy with the occasional nice joke, a lame romance, and a lot of fancy action that occasionally works well, but less and less. waltair veraya It’s meant to be a real masala movie, but it’s overly seasoned and the rice and bread get cold too fast.

waltair veraya can be seen in Netflix.

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