Goa Liberation Day 2020 theme, history, and significance

Why is Goa Liberation Day Celebrated?

Goa Liberation Day holds a very significant part in the history of Goa. To understand the vitality of this very day of Goan independence we need to dig inside how this all started. Goa got its freedom from the clutch of the hands of Portuguese rule. Looks like this happened only because the Indian Army forces attained freedom for Goa in the year 1961.

Imagine that means around 400 years plus the ruling period of Portuguese in Goa alone. That officially means that Goa wasn’t a part of the independent country that India was when Goa was still under the clutches of Portugal rule. It was denoted that the Indian Army did an exemplary duty in getting back the freedom for Goa and that this day was one of the major historical moments for the state as well as the country.

That officially marks the country of India to have been freed from the rule of any foreign reign and that it was in the year 1961 that India became a complete sovereign. It is also known that the Portuguese were one of the earliest foreign nations that occupied India and eventually moved into the corners of the Country in Goa. They refused to give away the state to the then independent nation of India.

goa liberation day 2020 how many years
goa liberation day 2020 how many years

The negotiations and the diplomatic meetings never seemed to have reached a point of success by even the successful leaders of all time of the country.

The Indian troops claimed and marked their dominant territories of Goa and the country. Stood their strong grounds in order to attain the state and give the nation its full freedom and occupancy. The dominance and the adherence of the Indian Army’s stand showcased a strong portrayal of sovereignty that the General of the Portuguese, Manuel Antonio Vassalo e Silva, rendered his words and finally came to the point of surrendering. It was the significant rule of around 450 years plus that the Indian Army gained back to not just Goa but the Nation.

Such a brave and historic day to remember the importance of independence to us and the role of the Indian Army with their selfless service to protect the nation and its every corner. Comment down below your views on what the Indian Army has sacrificed to keep this country protected.

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