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This is how the world can be fed healthy and sustainable food

How can a healthy and sustainable food looks like it’s climate neutral and can feed everyone in the world? The German research team is providing answers to this question in the current study.

researchers Eco Institute e. V. – Institute of Applied Ecology recently presented the results of a study commissioned by Greenpeace. Result: Today, 56 percent of arable land is in use. would be sufficient for sustainable nutrition if production Meat and milk decreased by 75 percent will become.

Sustainable nutrition for all

The working group concludes that only 56 percent of today’s arable land and 45 percent of currently used pastures should be feed the world’s population.

However, this suggests that we only have a quarter of what we normally have today. animal products consume and instead consume twice as much Fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. With such a diet, all foods can also environmental standards to be grown.

Massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

In addition, such a change in the general diet would save three-quarters climate-damaging greenhouse gases entail caused by agriculture.

“Only if we switch our diet to a predominantly plant-based diet can we drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and even reach the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality for Germany.”clarified Margaret Shefflerexpert on sustainable agriculture at the Eco-Institute.

Eco-Institute’s calculations are based on the so-called “planetary health diet“, published in 2019 by EAT Lancet Commission was presented as the basis for a sustainable and healthy diet for a growing world population. The results of the study can be found at Eco-Institute website be viewed.

Agriculture is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions

According to the Öko-Institut, agriculture in Germany alone emits about 81 million tons of CO2 equivalent annually for food production. Approximately 80 percent of this amount comes from animal husbandry.

A diet based on the Planetary Health Diet could reduce the climate footprint of agriculture in Germany to 23 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

Moore renaturation

According to the Eco-Institute, the largest contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be made on a large scale. swamp rewetting. If 80 percent of wetlands were reclaimed, emissions could be reduced by 31 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

Two Alternatives to Modern Agriculture

Since agriculture, which produces products in accordance with the needs of the Planetary Health Diet, requires significantly less arable land, the freed area could be used planted forests that trap additional greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In this way, the remaining emissions from agriculture can be intercepted so that they climate neutral becomes.

Alternatively, the freed space can be used for food for export for the manufacture of. “Carbon storage or food exports – in our study, we show two options for additional climate protection in agriculture”the co-author of the study summarizes Kirsten Wigmann.

Diet at the Crossroads

According to her, whichever path we end up taking, public decisionwhich largely depends on whether politicians and, not least, every single person are ready for this change diet accordingly. (wb)

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