How much does it cost to go to Argentina and “live richly”?

the search for trips to Argentina by Brazilians has risen sharply in recent months. The reason is the devaluation of the Argentine peso, caused by rapid inflation in a neighboring country, which is why those who earn in real life live there for real days.

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Preferred destinations are Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mendoza, Ushuaia and Córdoba, according to Daniela Araujo, director of flights for Decolar. In July, the capital Buenos Aires was the second most popular destination for passengers on Viajala’s flight search engine, behind only Lisbon.

The company reports that the cost of round-trip flights between the capital Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires has fallen by about 8%. The companies operate 162 flights weekly between Brazil and Argentina, but this number is expected to reach 214 segments by December.

How much does a trip to Argentina cost?

Travel search platform Kayak reports that the average round-trip ticket price between São Paulo and Buenos Aires for 2022 is R$1,701. Those who prefer to travel next year can pay 19% less, around R$1,386.

Simulation done InfoMoney on illustrates the possibilities well. The survey shows prices for a seven-night trip departing from the capitals of São Paulo (SP), Porto Alegre (RS) and Recife (PE).

Recommendations are for adults, including room fees and taxes. See how much it costs to travel to Argentina between August 2022 and June 2023:

Prices Sao Paulo-SP) Porto Alegre (RS) Reefs (PE)
August 2364 reais 3,824 reais 4970 reais
September 2,073 reais 4,082 reais 2412 reais
October 2,682 reais 2,679 reais 3,219 reais
november 3,181 reais 2341 reais 3120 reais
December 2,158 reais 3492 reais 2820 reais
Average price: 2492 reais 3,284 reais 3308 reais

Sao Paulo-SP)

Porto Alegre (RS)

Recife (PE)

January 2,617 reais 4,738 reais 5,645 reais
February 1,894 reais 2,049 reais 2,586 reais
March 1781 reais 1803 reais 5,616 reais
April 1951 reais 1,847 reais 2,568 reais
May 2,068 reais 1640 reais 3,588 reais
June 2736 reais 2420 reais 2710 reais

Average from Prices:

2,175 reais 2,546 reais 3,786 reais

It is worth remembering that packages are subject to change in terms of availability and price, as prices are dynamic and fluctuate.

Planning Tips

When looking for a good ticket, avoid the high season and buy in advance. In the case of Argentina, it is not worth researching prices so far in advance precisely because of the crisis.

“An early study of prices for Argentina during a crisis only works if there is an intention to make a purchase in the near future. Making a price review today (hotel, restaurant and tour) and leaving it for booking and payment in 3 or 4 months can be scary,” explains Romain Maciejowski, commercial director of Viajala.

“The same goes for buying Argentine pesos: you can buy pesos now and travel a year from now, but the truth is that these pesos can lose their purchasing power and be worth a lot less than when they were bought,” he adds.

If you can’t spend a whole week, adjust your plans and spend three or four days. And do not forget: high prices for services also affect those who simply “walk” around the country.

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