Instagram Models- The new beauty standards?

Instagram Models have taken over social media and everyone not only admires them but also wants to be like them.


Instagram Models have taken over social media and everyone not only admires them but also wants to be like them.

“I wish I had straight hair”

“I wish I had curly hair”

“I wish I was a little slim”

“I wish I was a little chubby”

“I wish I also had those natural green/blue eyes. They’d look so pretty!


We, humans, are the funniest creature ever! I mean we’re never truly satisfied with what we actually have. We always want the next best thing. Fair skin, green eyes, long hair, skinnier body, And the list goes on and on and on. Let’s talk about a story, a really interesting and deep one.

The broken pot

Once, there was a lady who used to carry two pots on her shoulders. She used to take those two pots down the Lane near the River to fetch water. One of the two pots was broken. One day the broken pot questioned the lady out of anxiety, as to why she kept carrying the broken pot around despite the fact that it was broken! Onto this the lady replied that I shall throw you away but on one condition.

She said,” While we come back after fetching water, I want you to focus on the path along our way” The broken part agreed. On their way back, the broken pot observed that, on the left side, where the lady carried the broken pot always, there were beautiful, colorful, and astonishing flowers! And on the side of the normal pot, there was nothing, just the barren land. On reaching the destination, the lady explained the broken pot, a deep lesson.

She said, “ I knew you were broken. Who Isn’t?” “I knew you had flaws, who doesn’t?” But; I chose to see the good in you, despite the flaws. “ In a group of hundred perfect pots. I could spot you very easily. And it is not because you were broken, but, because you were unique.” The broken pot did what the perfect one couldn’t.

That’s the beauty of flaws. Learn to embrace them and the world will adore you to another level. Be ashamed of them, and the tiniest of the tiny insecurities will threaten you for life. In life, It’s not about the bad days or tough spots destiny puts you in. It is in fact, about the way you come out of it.

You decide 

By complaining or learning, you decide. By grace or thanklessness, you decide. By crying or choosing confidence, you decide. So many of us are hooked to the perfect hair, the perfect body, the best Instagram feed, the most liked picture, the most expensive car, and the list continues.

But, pause for a while and think. These perfect bodies you see on Instagram, expensive lifestyles, luxury brands, high-end products, have made us believe that whatever we have right now is less. Self-hate is the by-product. But everything we see out there is not meant to be Idealized. It could all be a lie, a filter, a surgery, a debt behind the expensive lifestyle.

Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

Instagram Models

The grass is always greener on the other side because you’re not grateful for the grass you own. Period.

Do these people actually matter?

Why are we trying to impress them?

Are you doing this for yourself or them?

Would you still do this If nobody saw you?

Why is external validation our way of living right now?

Who created these beauty standards?

Who? Society?

Oh, that means us? Right?

So listen up, It’s okay to be flawed, a little bit. It makes us all unique, a little bit. Here’s to not only accepting our flaws but also embracing them. Self-love is what is most important. As t is also said that, how can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself in the first place?  Here’s to US. 

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