International Migrants Day 2020 Theme, History, and Significance

International Migrants Day 2020

International Migrants Day 2020. The seriousness of the migrant crisis worldwide has been exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic when a news broadcast showed millions of migrant workers out on the road when the sudden lockdown was first imposed in India at the end-March.

Each year on Dec 18, the United Nations, through the UN-related agency International Organization for Migration(UN Migration), uses International Migrants Day to bring to light the contributions made by the roughly 272 million migrants, including more than 41 million internally displaced persons, (IDPs) and the challenges they face.

International Migrants Day 2020 theme

International Migrants Day 2020 theme is ‘Reimagining Human Mobility’. International Migrants Day 2020: The enormity of the migrant crisis worldwide has been exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic like never before.

This global event, supported by events organized by IOM’s nearly 500 country offices and sub-offices including governmental, international, and domestic civil society partners examines a wide range of migration issues. It also looks to prevent exploitation and racism. It advocates for migration under the idea that orderly migration carried out in a compassionate manner benefits migrants and society.

International Migrants Day 2020
International Migrants Day 2020

International Migrants Day quotes

Migration has been a courageous decision of the individual to overcome the affliction and to lead a better life in another country or state. Migration draws increasing attention in the world nowadays.

The emergence of laborers, refugees, people that come for living a better life, etc, has increased the unpredictability of the situation. The United Nations actively plays a role in this area, with the aim of creating more cooperative interactions within countries and regions.

International Migrants Day 2020 history

The proclamation of International Migrants Day is an important step, offering solutions for all those concerned with the protection of migrants. All UN member states, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations are advised to observe this day.

By the circulation of information on human rights and basic freedoms of migrants. It also encourages migrants to share their experiences and feelings of diaspora. Respective governmental bodies are expected to take action to ensure the protection of migrants.

International Migrants Day is seen as an opportunity to recognize the contributions made by millions of migrants to the economy of their host and home countries.

International Migrants Day 2020 significance

Making migrants’ voices heard is the common thread throughout International Migrants Day events. Since 2016, International Migrants Day has served as the platform for the gala final event of IOM’s three-week-long Global Migration Film Festival(GMFF).

Which features screenings of migration-themed movies and panel discussions in 107 countries around the world.

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