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It’s Henry Cavill’s birthday and that’s bad news for James Bond

Congratulations Superman! Henry Cavill turned 40 last week, which is sadly very bad news for fans hoping he becomes the next James Bond.

When it was announced that Daniel Craig would become the next James Bond, the reactions weren’t sweet. To put it mildly, the then 38-year-old actor’s appearance did not exactly match the image people had of the iconic secret agent. A quick hit to take, Craig delivered before no time to die Toe.

A new James Bond

In the end, the British actor has fortunately become the public’s favorite. When you think of James Bond, you probably picture Craig. Barbara Broccoli and the rest of the film franchise team have created a new Bond. far from the lake corny Pierce Brosnan’s 90’s Bond. A more serious secret agent, modernizing the long-running franchise for the 21st century.

That contrast between the initial reaction and the subsequent success is good to keep in mind when the next Bond actor is revealed. According to the casting chief behind the 007 films, the search has yet to begin, but British bookmakers and tabloids are scrambling to name the final candidate.

The crowd favorite, Henry Cavill

The classification of who according to the betting shops the next Bond is going to be constantly changing. For example, a complete newcomer managed to grab the top spot on the illustrious list last month. Even so, there are some constants, names that have been around since before the premiere of no time to die being named as the next James Bond. From Idris Elba to…Henry Cavill.

Cavill already has experience with the franchise. In fact, in 2005 he was the runner-up by Daniel Craig during the auditions for Casino Royale. In other words, if it weren’t for Daniel Craig, we’d probably have the The Wizardactor like James Bond. an intriguing one And if-script. Cavill was in his early twenties at the time and has since reflected on a painful process in interviews. Director Martin Campbell is said to have criticized it, among other things, because Cavill would have been too chubby. something you determined The Wizard and I can barely imagine scenes from Superman, but oh well. In this article you can read more about the race that took place between Daniel Craig and Henry Cavill at that time.

Henry Cavill (links) in The Man from UNCLE

Second chance as icing on the cake

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel sorry for Cavill. From playing Superman in DC movies to making your own fantasy dreams come true with The Wizard and the Warhammer franchise: Henry Cavill has a career to tell you about. Also, he has The man from UNCLE practically his own (underrated) James Bond movie.

However, there is still that mega role. Exactly: James Bond’s. The role he just lost in 2005. In recent years, Cavill has hinted several times that he would be willing to play the role of Bond. Thus, the Superman actor is a permanent fixture in the ever-evolving rankings of British tabloids and betting offices. Where the best man may have been too young in 2005, chances are Cavill is now coming under fire for his age again.

From thirty to forty

This is how it goes: last Friday, May 5, Henry Cavill turned forty years old. Still very young, but too old to play James Bond. That limit was not set by us, but by Michael G. Wilson, one of the producers behind the James Bond franchise. The 81-year-old film producer has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that the next Bond will be in his thirties.

For example, he told Deadline this: “We’ve tried to look at younger people in the past. But trying to visualize doesn’t work. Remember, Bond is already a veteran. He has some experience. He is someone who has lived through wars. He must have been in the SAS or something. He is not some high school boy you bring. That’s why he’s thirtysomething.”

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Other times for 007

Daniel Craig was 38 years old when he landed the coveted role. However, his predecessors were all in their late forties. But yes, those were different times, and it is clear that this time the producers are looking for a young talent with whom they can continue for many more years. Craig started in his thirties, but wanted to quit after a few Bond movies because the process of making movies is terribly heavy. Choosing a younger talent is therefore one easy peasy. Also, today’s male movie stars are even younger than they were in the 1980s, for example.

Even director Matthew Vaughn, who directed Daniel Craig in the fantastic layer cakeHe commented last year that Cavill was born to play James Bond: “Henry Cavill, that man was born to play Bond. When you see what he’s like in this movie, I was like, wow, this guy is everything you imagine Bond to have been or is.”

Unfortunately. Whether it’s because of his too-familiar face or his age, the chance now is very slim that Broccoli and co. still for him The Wizardthe actor will go Fortunately, there are still many thirty-somethings left in the ranking. With Cavill quietly fading from the picture, 32-year-old Aaron-Taylor Johnson looks more like the ideal candidate than ever. He Will Continue!

AI artificial intelligence perfect James Bond
AI’s perfect Bond (left) and favorite Aaron-Taylor Johnson (Images: Unwind Media, Sony Pictures)

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Last week was Henry Cavill’s birthday and that’s bad news for James Bond.

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