Johnny Depp Goes to UK Court of Appeal for Overturning the Ruling of His Assault on Ex-Wife Amber Heard

His lawyer called the ruling of high court "perverse and bewildering", and that it would be "ridiculous" to not try to overturn it

Reports are out that Johnny Depp also tried to replace Amber Heard on Aquaman.

Johnny Depp applies to UK Court of Appeal  

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has applied to the London Court of Appeal to overturn the ruling that he assaulted his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. The court documents got out Thursday (10 December 2020).

His lawyer referred to the High Court ruling as “perverse and bewildering”. He also said that it would be “ridiculous” to hold back from overturning it.

Why such a move by Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp had recently lost a high-profile libel claim, against the publishers of The Sun. The claim was fought over an article in 2018 that labelled him as a “wife-beater”. He was ordered to pay $1.1 million in legal costs to the Newspaper group, as part of the High Court tussle.

Andrew Nicol, the judge who heard the case, refused further appeals on the same, yet said that he could apply directly to the Court of Appeal to overturn the judgment. The last date allocated was 7 December 2020.

As part of the public list of pending appeal cases, Depp’s application is seen listed on the website. The exact details for appeal or a specific date of hearing were not mentioned.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Article on Johnny Depp as a “Wife-Beater”

The Sun and its parent firm NGN faced legal action from the actor subsequent to an article claiming that he repeatedly assaulted actress Amber Heard, during their turbulent relationship.

He strongly denied the allegations but the judge ruled that 12 of the 14 claims of domestic violence did occur, thereby Heard was put “in fear for her life”. The case exposed in detail Depp’s chaotic lifestyle along with his alcohol and drug addiction.


After the ruling was out, he was asked to step down from his role in Fantastic Beasts film franchise. Depp and Heard are also suing over a Washington Post article in 2018 in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

Amber Heard in Aquaman
Amber Heard in Aquaman

Johnny Depp tried to replace Heard on Aquaman  

Reports are also out that he attempted to replace Amber Heard on Aquaman. Claims are that the actor reached out to Christi Dembrowski, his sister and producer, on Heard’s role in the film.

As per details provided in court ruling of Depp’s libel case, Depp wrote to Dembrowski: “I want her replaced on the WB film.”

Though his attorney, Adam Waldman, did not immediately respond to the claim, it is reported that Depp admitted in court his reference to the film.

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