Keyboard Genesis Thor 660 – dwarf, but noisy ;)

The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 were the period when many manufacturers of player accessories added a keyboard to their offer. with aspect ratio 60%. Micruses have gained a lot of fans. Therefore, Genesis also proposed a model from itself. Thor 660 it’s also the first wireless keyboard in the portfolio, so I couldn’t help but test it.

Included with the keyboard you will find a keycap removal key, a USB-C cable and a user manual, which in this case can be very useful. It lists all keyboard shortcuts and functions. Thor 660 dedicated app only works in wired mode (sic!).

The biggest advantage of 60% of keyboards is their small size. Thor only measures 293 x 102 x 39mm (length, width, height), but no longer light. On the 588 g influenced by a metal plate that stiffens the entire structure, and the mechanical switches themselves.

The keyboard housing is completely made of plastic (ABS). The model is available in two colors: black and white. It is a pity that there are no legs at the bottom to adjust the angle of inclination.

Pudding type caps, thanks to the translucent part, better display RGB lighting. Thus, they also bring out underexposed areas. This is especially evident on all space keys. This phenomenon is caused by the location of the diode at the top of the switch, so the light is distributed unevenly.

Observers must have noticed that there were no cursors in Thor’s keyboard layout!
I don’t know about you, but I use cursors every day, at work, in entertainment, I can’t even imagine writing in a communicator without them, in my opinion, this is an indispensable element of every keyboard. For consolation “B, C, A, D” can work in arrow mode, but the combination of pressing FN + W for at least 3 seconds is rather thoughtless, because it interferes with free writing in the future. So bad and so bad.

Switches used in Thor 660 Gateron, in red version. The actuation distance is only 2 mm, the force required for this is 45 g, the reaction time is 8 ms. Switch life is estimated at 50 million clicks. In practice, this is really good, the operation of the Gateron can be compared with Cherry MX switches, i.e. little resistance, full, smooth road and not too loud feedback.

Noteworthy are Shift, Space, Backspace and Enter, which are additionally equipped with stabilizers that directly affect the operation of the aforementioned keys. While Genesis makes sure the stabilizers are lubricated to reduce noise and improve smoothness, it doesn’t even come close to the red shifters themselves. Stabilizers introduce different resistance to the keys (probably due to uneven lubrication), which affects the overall not very pleasant perception. Fortunately, we are only talking about five keys 🙂

Of course, Thor, as a full-fledged mechanic, has N-Key Rollover, i.e. full function Anti-Ghosting.

I mentioned at the outset that the Thor 660 has two communication modes: wireless Bluetooth and wired via the included USB-C cable. Bluetooth allows you to pair up to three devices, between which we will switch with the key combination FN + Shift (BT1) / Ctrl (BT2) / Alt (BT3). I did not observe a significant delay in the response to the pressed keys. However, when we want to make sure that nothing interferes with the game, it is worth switching to cable. In this configuration, we get the opportunity to use special software.

The application will allow you to assign your own key combinations, adjust the backlight and player mode, record your own brand. What stands out is the fairly austere interface by today’s standards. When downloading software from the Genesis website, you should pay attention to the color version of Thor 660, because software from a black keyboard does not work with a white keyboard and vice versa. Don’t ask why 🙂

The Thor 660 has a built-in 3000mAh battery that should last a few days depending on our passion for RGB. If you turn on the backlight to maximum brightness, the operating time will be drastically reduced. The keyboard automatically turns off the backlight and enters sleep mode if it is not used for several minutes. The battery status is indicated by the LED under the left shift, which turns red when it needs to be recharged.

You must admit that Genesis Thor 660 it is not a bad keyboard, on the contrary, it can be recommended to anyone who is looking for sixty percent and does not want to spend a few hundred zlotys. The RGB lighting along with the PBT pudding caps looks great, the Gateron Red switches don’t disappoint either. But where did the cursors go? 🙂

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