Lock and key (2020) – review, opinion on season 3 of the series [Netflix]. Latest batch of new adventures and keys

Frederic Gideon, introduced last season, can slowly walk our world. The demon that now resides in his body has big plans for Locke’s keys. A final showdown ensues in which the fate of the world is at stake and even former enemies can prove to be valuable allies.

Joe Hill, author of this year’s Black Phone and privately Stephen King’s son, began writing comics in 2008 about teenage siblings living in an old secret house, hiding not only the proverbial dead bodies in a closet, but most strangely shaped keys capable of opening much more than just doors or treasure chests. One of them allows you to enter someone’s head, another to turn into a character of your choice, and another one actually puts you in the door, but you will find behind it not the next room, but any place we know that we think and where the door is . The illustrations for Hill were created by Garbiel Rodriguez and their collaboration quickly brought them fame and awards. However, they had to wait ten long years for the film adaptation of their work, until, finally, the buyers of the power of Netflix decided to turn their comic into a series. The first season consisted of ten episodes and was a pretty good introduction to the history of the Locke family. The second season kept the shape of the first, and with each successive episode it became clearer that the series was heading towards its own finale, only loosely based on Hill’s storylines. Today’s eight episodes finally wrap up the story of Tyler, Kinsey and Bode. Does he do it in style, or will the audience be glad it’s over?

Lock and key (2020) – review of season 3 of the series [Netflix]. A few unexpected twists

Frederick Gideon

The last part of the episodes, it seems to me, is largely focused on closing the history of the keys, which on the one hand is very good news, on the other hand it is done with the sacrifice of side plots and characters. Savini’s children’s crew is almost forgotten, only returning for a second at the very end of the last episode, because it’s good to remember the existence of this one character, who was still a very important character. part of the life of one of our main characters.

Luckily, the writers didn’t forget anyone other than their main siblings and the antagonist. Uncle Duncan (Sean Ashmore) appears for a moment, and some truly unexpected characters return to show what they can do one last time. They’re also associated with pretty sweet if not intricate plot twists, so in terms of plot and the amount of surprises scattered throughout the episodes, fans of the series shouldn’t worry too much.

Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand) is a pretty good looking villain. Bulging eyes, a huge figure and a peculiar, flawed complexion mean that a person immediately does not trust him as soon as he sees him. Ultimately, though, I didn’t feel as dangerous as he had in previous Dodge seasons. She acted in the shadows, manipulated and played Locke on an emotional, even intimate level, while Gideon is just a great, powerful evil to be feared, more majestic. Such direct horror makes a much less impression on me. His assistants from the past were actually also mobile errand dummies, devoid of intriguing features, characters, and so on.

Lock and key (2020) – review of season 3 of the series [Netflix]. New season, same problems

Locke's family is almost complete

Surprisingly, after more than two years of production, three seasons and only 28 episodes, little has changed in terms of special effects and acting. Kinsey and Tyler are well-acted, although it’s hard to say that their characters have made any headway this season, but Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, despite already having solid experience playing his character, still looks rather unnatural. Though perhaps not as unnatural as his spirit version looks when he leaves his body with the correct key.

There are several new keys in Locks and Keys Season 3, the first of which confused me a bit. Time travel is often a cheap activity to bring a brand to life when creators run out of ideas. They are usually more trouble than they’re worth, because they raise questions like “why not go back to that moment to change something.” Luckily, Key and Lock goes in a slightly different direction, making time travel like watching old movies with a very deep dive. On the one hand, this allows you to look at well-known events from a new perspective, on the other hand, if nothing changes, then why? And the question remains, what about the events in which our heroes intervened? Will they be dropped? Will there be a new timeline? No one is interested in answering these questions, which only confirms my conviction that I must let go of these time travels in time.

In the end, “Lock & Key” is more or less on the same level where it started. Rarely do you see such a smooth execution series. The story as suggested by the creators was convoluted and while it was not lacking in interesting twists and turns, in the end it’s not something I would definitely recommend to my friends or want to go back to again. This is absolutely the right show for young people, relatively short and well-prepared. If you liked the previous seasons, then this one will definitely meet your expectations. However, if you haven’t heard of the series by now, I suggest you watch two episodes and see if the adventures of magic-infused teens are of interest to you. The comic is better.

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