Many have already failed! Can you find a zebra in 40 seconds?

We can all agree that zebras are not the most cautious animals in the kingdom. They move in gigantic flocks, display incredible speed, and exhibit very distinctive coloration. We know that the zebra is black (or white?) and all striped, almost like a variegated relative of horses.

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So why is this animal so easy to find among others? It is believed that because zebras are so large and brightly colored, they easily can be found in any images of animals in their habitat, but we have a new test that proves that this is not entirely true.

Whenever there is a photograph with many similar objects or people, the level of difficulty increases as your perception is challenged by the difficulty of finding something very specific in the image in question.

What happens is that our brain gets used to all the patterns that are exposed, so it ends up having a hard time looking for something else. The test image we have today serves just that purpose and promises to demand the very best from your perceptual abilities.

Often these images or figures are created by artists whose main goal is to fool you, but there are times when these photos appear by chance or through the incredible eyes of the photographer.

In the case of the challenge, everything came directly from the hands of a professional named Ingo Gerlach, who is famous for spending more than two hours photographing a herd of animals, according to The Sun US. Perhaps even the photographer did not know that inside this pile of wildebeests captured would be a zebra.

After all, it is not easy to find it there! There are a huge number of other animals. Also, due to the position of the sun and the lighting, everything looks blue, so even the color of the zebra, which is unmistakably recognizable, turns out to be a bit hidden. But this does not change the fact that the zebra exists and can be found.

If you want to win, you must find her in 40 seconds!

It’s more fun if you do the test with friends and family, you can make a great competition to see who can find it first. What about? But remember: only 40 seconds.

We will give an answer below, in case no one has found a zebra, which is quite common.

It’s very likely that no one has found a zebra there yet, because as was said, it is necessary to have a very strong perception ability in order not to be deceived by a large number of wildebeests and still be able to see it, so below is the image with the answer for you could finally find out where she was.

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