Moderna Claims 100% Efficiency for Its Vaccine

Moderna Vaccine is currently considered to be the most efficient under various tests.

Moderna Vaccine

Moderna Inc, an American company of biotechnology is now claiming to have a vaccine which is hundred percent efficient even in severe Corona cases. Various studies have shown that the vaccine is 94.1 percent effective on the cases without major safety concerns.

But the vaccine is not officially approved and is waiting for its approval from the US and European emergency authorisations.

Other Companies

The other companies who claim to have the vaccinations for Covid-19 are AstraZeneca and Pfizer. While AstraZeneca uses the traditional method to develop the vaccination, Pfizer and Moderna uses a new technology called synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA).

Since AstraZeneca reported 70 percent efficiency with a half dose and 90 percent with full dose, Moderna vaccination can be considered more efficient. Pfizer’s efficiency review is scheduled for 10th December by FDA.

Covid19 Vaccine Moderna
Covid19 Vaccine Moderna

CMO’s Words

Quoting Moderna CMO’s words, “At this level of effectiveness, when you just do the math of what it means for the pandemic that’s raging around us, it’s just overwhelming”. Zack also told that he cried when he saw the results.


Moderna conducted their vaccine tests on people belonging to various racial and age groups. This further ensures its efficiency. But they are trying to produce vaccinations particularly for the adolescents and it is said to be ready by this September. The notable point is that the company reported no major side effects in most of the people apart from the redness, fatigue, body pains and headache. Most of the side effects were short-lived. But Zack mentioned about flue like symptoms in some volunteers.


Expected Outreach

If Moderna gets the authorisation, the company said to have about 20 million doses of the vaccine ready to ship in the United States by the end of 2020. Moreover, its distribution is expected to be easier than Pfizer. This is because Pfizer needs ultra-cool temperature and has to be stored in a freezer, while the other has no such requirements. Hence the company is expecting to play its major role in turning around this pandemic.

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