Navaratri: The Celebration has began

Navaratri and All that you need to know

Navaratri and it significance

Navaratri; Sanskrit translation to Nine nights, where these nine nights are devoted for the worship of all forms of Durga Maa in the eastern and the north eastern part of India. This is the festival season which is a vital time for the Hindu culture. Simultaneously Navaratri in the North part of India is to celebrate the victory of Ram over Raavan. And then Navaratri moving to the final festival of the season being Diwali.

Navaratri and the reason behind the celebration

Navaratri is celebrated for worshipping Durga Maa during the nine days. Devotees fast during the nine days called as Navaratri Vrat, few fast during first 2 ( two ) days of the season or the last 2 days of Navaratri.

There are around 4 different types of Navaratri and they are Chaitra Navaratri, Paush Navaratri, Maha Navaratri, and Sharad Navaratri. In which the Maha Navaratri hold the utter popularity on the whole.

The significance as to why Navaratri is celebrated as to show that good will always win over evil. Though the stories behind each part of the geographical India differs the core reason of the celebration remains the same.


Durga Puja
Durga Puja

Navaratri and the story

Durga Maa fought the battle with Mahishasura and emerged victorious. This very victory is celebrated as the honor of Durga Maa. A peaceful togetherness of triumph and charity.

The North part of India the nine day festival has another story. The story goes like; Ram killing Ravan with his mighty bow, here Navaratri is celebrated with burning the puppets of Ravan. This festival becomes the most celebrated Navaratri all over India and also the world as Indians all over the world celebrate Navaratri.

Navaratri Vrat Rules

Fasting in the whole is self control path which keeps us in track of not just healthy eating but also healthy thinking. Navaratri fasting must be kept with complete awareness of oneself .

Avoid food that generates heat in your body, like any spices, onion , garlic. Avoid wheat, rice, lentils for all the nine days. Avoid any sorts of mixed spices and other processed foods, meat, eggs and., etc.

The Vrati ( the one who is fasting ) can consume spices like jeera ( cumin seeds ), Black Pepper, sea salt or pink salt. This time of the fasting one must completely understand the avoidance of any kind of processed food. Consumption of alcohol or any kind of tobacco must be kept out of reach.

The food can prepared in ghee or butter with the ingredients given above with Sabudhana, Sama. Also to those who are looking for the Navaratri fasting as another chance for healthy weight loss time then do make a plan on fruits and milk diet.



Benefits of Navaratri

By the time the Navaratri fasting is over an individual will be of clear mind, clear health and also flawless skin.

The date for the Navaratri this time falls around 17th of October and lasts till 25th October this year. And this season and this year of 2020 has been full of surprises and miracles in both good and evil. So the prayers of the devotees during the Navaratri would bring in the ray of hope to millions. Giving us the expectation of new life where all the sorrows are vanished.

This Navaratri its time not to just celebrate but also to be aware of our actions and these actions shall be for the betterment of our environment and people in and around us.

Let’s celebrate it with all the joy and expectations for the betterment of the future. And practicing self love all along. Have a happy Navaratri Peeps!




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