Nayanthara and RJ Balaji’s Mookuthi Amman: Trailer Promises to be a Satire on Godmen

Nayanthara would lead the show by being the “Mookuthi Amman”, a god in human avatar, down to fulfill certain necessities.

Nayanthara’s lady super star image has been utilized to perfection in the trailer with ample solo shots having Rock BGMs. The film is set to release on Hotstar Multiplex during Diwali 2020.

Nayanthara as Mookuthi Amman

Tamil industry’s lady superstar Nayanthara has partnered up with RJ Balaji (in latter’s script) to churn out what’s possibly a devotional-comedy movie titled Mookuthi Amman. Direction was carried out by the duo of RJ Balaji (debut) and N J Saravanan. The film was produced by Ishari K Ganesh under the banner of Vels Films International.


The title Mookuthi Amman could be loosely translated as Nose-ring Goddess. The title is sentimental with the Tamil population as there are so many temples dedicated to same deity, across Tamil Nadu. The nose-ring of the Goddess is considered to be an auspicious sign that radiates positivity all around.


While Nayanthara and RJ Balaji lead the female and male roles respectively, experienced actors such as Urvashi, Manobala, and Mayilsamy take up various character roles. Ajay Ghosh becomes the antagonist in the movie, who, as the trailer suggests, is the godman.

Mookuthi Amman Nayanthara & RJ Balaji
Mookuthi Amman Nayanthara & RJ Balaji


Devotional movies have been a part and parcel of Tamil Industry for a long time. The specific genre of “Amman” movies have been well received by the Tamil audience. A typical “Amman” movie would consist of a hero/heroine, a villain who casts evil upon everyone, especially hero/heroine.

As a consequence, his/her prayers to Amman would be heard by the Goddess and she presents herself before them. Amman would then pair up with the protagonist to eliminate the villain, thereby, the evils of the society. Typically, the Amman avatar is suggestive of destruction of evil (Do see: Durga Pooja: Sixth day of Navaratri)

RJ Balaji’s Words

Balaji was highly optimistic on the nature of the movie Mookuthi Amman. He mentioned that the movie would feature “all the elements that were there in the devotional films that we grew up watching.” It would be “a nostalgic trip, but there will also be a takeaway that is relevant, especially in this present time”.

He also mentioned that he never intended to satirize the genre, which is highly sentimental for the Tamil population, but the social message that he wishes to convey.

Suggestive Plot

The trailer hints upon what the movie has in offer. Nayanthara, as Mookuthi Amman, is bound to correct certain wrongs in the society, for which she assumes a human form to come down to earth. The initial lines of the trailer are suggestive towards the same.

The concept of “Family Temple” is explored wherein Mookuthi Amman is considered to be RJ Balaji’s family deity. After the initial hiccups to believe the avatar to be true, Balaji’s family connects well enough with Amman, accommodating her as a member of their family.

The movie’s glimpses assures that it would never be short of what it is bound to offer; Comedy. Along with Balaji, the presence of Urvashi, Manobala and Mayilsamy promises to provide a laughter feast.

Nayanthara’s Amman against Godmen

The crux of the movie becomes Nayanthara’s fight against a Godman. The ironical scenario is that of a Goddess, fighting against the self-proclaimed representatives of God. At this part of the movie, the trailer offers a typical “Nayanthara Show” wherein she blocks and tackles the counter-attacks of the villain. Will she succeed? Will the villain fall? Questions that shape the rest of the story.

Nayanthara as Mookuthi Amman
Nayanthara as Mookuthi Amman


Nayanthara’s stardom and acting skills would be a huge advantage that, if well utilized, would yield an amazing response. Balaji’s typical sense of humour, when joined in by other veteran actors, would never fail to entertain the audience. The prediction would be that of huge anticipation and highly probable success.

Watch Trailer Here

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AzCHtbmW-U

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