open the ritual of each sign to attract success

Do you like empathy? Then you will be interested to know what the ritual is to attract good luck and appease your own sign. Every sign has a ritual and another way to attract good energies. Check out the detailed information below.

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Ritual to attract the world and good luck for each of the 12 signs

1 – Aries: write the phrase “I want good luck!” on a sheet of yellow paper with a red pen. Approximately four times and put inside an envelope also of the same red color. Add 9 sunflower petals and a small sun pendant. Close and carry in your purse or purse.

2 – Turo: Take a small stone of green tourmaline, rose quartz or soda. Wrap the stone in cellophane and keep it in your purse or purse. Pray and think about your goal every day.

3 – twins: Wear indigo on the day you are happy. Apply lavender perfume and go to church the same day. Ask for peace from San Cosme and San Damian.

4 – Cancer: Begin the ritual on Monday and leave the green quartz in the sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours. Rinse the stone under running water and let it dry in the sun. Say “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” while holding the item and then simply place it in your purse or wallet.

5 – Leo: ritual for attract good luck de Lean should be done on Thursday. Make a yellow (gold) bag with a ribbon of the same color. Place a “fig” inside it, in addition to the petals of two violets. Also add a piece of paper with the word “fire” written on it. Place a drop of lavender on a cloth while thinking positively of lucky salt. Keep it in your purse or purse and don’t let anyone touch it.

6 – Virgo: for Virgo, the ritual to attract good luck is to put the stone of her sign (agate, amazonite and jasper) in cellophane, keep it in a bag and say a prayer with great faith.

7 – Libra: Take blue paper, draw a pyramid with a butterfly inside and write the word “luck” around it six times. in preparation sympathy, ask for good luck and protection in prayer. Fold the paper and put it in your wallet or purse.

8 – Scorpio: for the ritual to attract Scorpio good luck, you need a glass of water, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of sugar and three drops of your favorite perfume. Write your name, age, and address on pink paper. Fold and dip the paper into the cup along with the flower. After the flower fades, throw it in the trash, and bury the paper in a vase with an orchid or dahlia – wash your hands with water, thinking about your success.

9 – Sagittarius: put on dark blue clothes and leave the house at 8 in the morning, put on some perfume and go buy sunflowers. The flower should be used to decorate the house or work – take care of it.

10 – Capricorn: The ritual of Capricorn is to boil six liters of water at 10 am on Saturday. Mix together eucalyptus leaves, six drops of fruit perfume, apple peel, and six cloves. After the mixture has cooled, strain the mixture and pour it over the body in the bath. Gather what’s left, let dry, and put in a moss green envelope. Leave it in the Bible or some other holy book.

11 – Aquarius: Take the bird pendant and hold it with faith. Say the following verse: “Let the mystical powers open the way for me. May the cosmic force free my path from troubles, and may my path always be full of prosperity, and may my star shine. Carry the pendant with you.

12 – Pisces: put a glass of water next to the image of Our Lady on Monday. Say your favorite prayer with faith and positive thinking. Light a seven-day candle and say out loud: “He who loves always wants peace. Whoever loves always sacrifices himself for the sake of the world. Whoever loves always gives himself to the world. I love and deserve peace.” After the candle burns out, collect the leftovers and bury in a vase with violets or a rose bush.

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