Petrobras cuts gasoline prices; The preview shows economic growth; Assistance in the amount of 1 thousand reais is paid to 245 thousand taxi drivers; Election advertising starts today

Guerrilla advertising for candidates in the 2022 elections begins this Tuesday 23 across Brazil. Until October 1, rallies, distribution of visual materials, marches and campaign mailings are allowed, with the exception of advertising on radio and television.

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Today is also the day of the first two installments of R$ 1,000 of the taxi driver allowance for 245,000 professionals. The group has another reason to rejoice: Petrobras has reduced the price of gasoline sold at its refineries by 4.85%.

In the economic sphere, the data is important, which shows that the IBC-Br (Index of economic activity) increased by 0.69% in June. See more information in highlights of the day.

Election advertising starts today

Candidates in the 2022 elections can advertise their parties starting this Tuesday. Until October 1, such actions as rallies, distribution of visual materials, marches and advertising in the media (except for radio and TV) are allowed.

Election advertising on radio and television ends on 30 September. Detailed rules can be found at site do tse (Supreme Electoral Court).

The first round of elections is scheduled for October 2. This year, Brazilians elect their deputies from the states and the federation, senators, governors and the president of the republic.

Further reduction in the price of gasoline

Petrobras announced a new price adjustment for gasoline sold at its refineries from R$3.71 to R$3.53 per litre. The measure is effective from this Tuesday and corresponds to a fall of 4.85% (0.18 reais per litre).

The last cut was made on July 29, when the company reduced the cost of fuel to 3.71 reais. Even with consecutive drops in 2022, gasoline peaks at 14.24%.

The National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) for July showed that the oil derivative was 15.48% cheaper on average for consumers last month. However, it continues to accumulate a maximum of 5.64% over the past twelve months.

“This decline follows the evolution of benchmark prices and is consistent with Petrobras pricing practices, which seek to balance their prices with the global market, but not pass on to domestic prices the market volatility of international quotations and the exchange rate,” Petrobras said. in a note.

Growth of the Brazilian economy

The central bank released data showing the growth of the Brazilian economy in the second quarter of 2022. IBC-Br (index of economic activity), taking into account the preliminary indicator of GDP (gross domestic product), ended the period with an increase of 0.57%.

The growth is due to the results of June, when the index rose by 0.69%. As a result, seasonally adjusted GDP reached 143.09 points.

The preview also shows that economic activity in the country has grown by 2.18% over the past 12 months, which confirms the idea of ​​an economic recovery. For the same period in 2021, the indicator increased by 2.96%.

Last year, the Brazilian economy grew by 4.6%, also according to data compiled from a database similar to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

Taxi assistance for 245,000 professionals

Caixa Econômica Federal is starting today to provide a taxi driver allowance for approximately 245,000 professionals. This allowance is one of those provided for by a constitutional amendment that expanded the Auxílio Brasil and petrol voucher, and created a monthly allowance for truck drivers.

This month, beneficiaries will have access to two payments of 1,000 reais each, one for August and the other for the retroactive period of July. Specialists registered by mayor’s offices before July 31 will be considered.

According to Labor and Social Security Minister José Carlos Oliveira, the amount will be kept at 1,000 reais if the number of approved people does not exceed 333,000. “This number has passed, we will not have the resources to pay everyone 1000 reais. Truck drivers will receive these six shares,” he said.

Residents of the places where the mayor’s office sent information between August 5 and 15 receive the first installments on the 30th day without the right to retroactive effect.

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