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The Guild of the Gulden Draeck is back, with sharper jokes, more critical tones, and higher production value.

Director: Jan Gitsels, Thijs van Domburg | Cast: Jan-Paul Buijs (Theuderic Achtervoet), Korneel Evers (Cornolas Rhaec’var), Henry van Loon (Proculus de Pastelcolor), Alex Ploeg (Donwald Baardhelm), Emilio Guzman (Jörgen), ea | Number of episodes: 12 | Time to play: 14-17 minutes | Year: 2023

The Gulden Draeck Guild is back! This company of six adventurers, from a grumpy dwarf to a senile old wizard, go on a quest every week and experience the most exciting adventures, but the viewer can only watch the meeting afterwards. This funny montage provides the necessary hilarity and puts a confrontational mirror on our society in a playful way.

It is not the first time that the adventurers of this guild meet. in the golden dragon featured many of these characters, but was only viewable through HumorTV, a digital theme channel of the NPO. Therefore, the general public has not been reached, but panduleria it does a good job of introducing the characters and making the relationship between them immediately apparent. It’s a warm bath for loyal adventurers and easy to get into for new viewers.

And that is where the greatest strength of this series lies: the characters and their mutual relationships. Almost all the characters are old acquaintances, although many have a new face. The newcomer Hubrecht as an intern in the group is a highlight and Alex Klaassen knows how to perfectly portray the stupidity of the character with an appropriate accent. The group despises him for inexplicable reasons, which makes for a fun dynamic due to his goofy innocence.

The self-proclaimed middling group leader Theuderic does his best to ensure that the mission meetings run smoothly, but the group is mostly concerned with themselves and among themselves mostly trying to burn each other down. This translates into wonderfully dry humor that plays nicely with the fantasy setting on many occasions. Everyday problems always contrast nicely with the supernatural world of Panduloria.

Jokes come out better when a socially critical note can be found. For example, there are adventurers who completely believe in conspiracy theories, without consulting the sources. Another highlight is the episode in which some kind of distorted Sinterklaas party is held. The Padulorian saint is accompanied by an orange slave who does everything for him. When Jörgen (an orange fantasy figure with antennae) says something about this, he shouldn’t act like that. “They don’t say it that way, do they?” then read.

Also the episode where the guild is replaced by a bunch of women including Theuderic’s wife and the incredibly named Priscillagaladriel who looks a lot like Galadriel from The Lord of the rings. After everyone points out that gender equality is totally absent in their lives, Theuderic dismissively walks around the corner to tell his wife that he has seven minutes to her tea party. These are the times when jokes work best.

Unfortunately, not all jokes hit the mark. Some are taken exactly from in the golden dragon, which is kind of lazy. Other jokes are a bit repetitive, like the particularly stupid Cornolas elf who doesn’t understand things and gets angry. Nice the first few times, but when he appears multiple times each episode, he becomes too much. Fortunately, this is more the exception than the rule.

The production value is much higher than previous guild meetings, although the new viewer shouldn’t expect a visual spectacle. A nice change for confidantes that also makes the pub and the world livelier than before. The short animations that bring each mission to life at the beginning of each episode are full of character and are very reminiscent of the wacky cartoons from monthly python.

Meetings certainly aren’t the most pleasant gatherings, but those in panduleria count as the most fun that can be experienced. Because while not all of the jokes are a direct hit, especially the critical note is very well packaged. However, it is advisable not to binge on series, since the design is not suitable for it and the repetition is too noticeable. There is still a lot to experience in the world of Panduloria, so hopefully there will be gatherings again in the future.


panduleria can be seen in first video.

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