Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99

Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99

Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99. The demise of the Duke of Edinburgh is a weighty loss for the Queen, who had once depicted him as her “strength and stay all these years”.

Prince Philip, the lengthiest serving royal associate in British record and an unceasing personality present beside Queen Elizabeth II’s for bounteous years, passed away on Friday at the age of 99, declared Buckingham Palace.

He was admitted to the hospital on February 16, and left for home after a month through which he was doctored for a pre-existing heart disorder and an infection. Proclaiming his departure, BBC television played the national anthem on an image of Philip in his zenith, garbed in military dress uniform. Flags were sunk to half-mast on royal and government edifices and an announcement claiming his death held to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99
Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99

Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99

His passing came just months afore his 100th birthday in June; an occasion characteristically marked in Britain with a laudatory memorandum from the queen, who is currently Britain’s longest-serving empress. The pair, who reveled on their 73rd wedding anniversary in November, had been living principally in seclusion at Windsor Castle, west of London, since their senior age put them at sharp danger from Covid-19.

The Prince also went through a hip surgery in 2018 and in January 2019, he arose intact after his automobile was entangled in a traffic accident that incapacitated two people close to the monarch’s Sandringham estate in eastern England.

Sad Demise of Prince Philip at 99

The prince had expended four nights in hospital in December, getting healing and medication for what was pronounced as a “pre-existing condition”. Since the virus, Philip had made rare public attendances. He was latest seen at a staged entrance at a military ceremony at Windsor Castle in July, days after appearing at the wedding ceremony of his granddaughter Princess Beatrice. In November, he and the queen manifested the newest anniversary of their 1947 wedding by issuing a photograph of them together, again at Windsor.

The saddening news has brought an event of gloom within all, we all pray for his soul and his family.

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