Second wave of Covid-19 to hit India? What is the second wave of Coronavirus?

India to be stuck by the second wave of CoronaVirus ? Experts say possibilities.

What is the second wave of coronavirus?

According to the Medical definition, the second wave of any virus attack or pandemic is a phenomenon where the disease infects one group of people first and appears to decrease for some time, but it furthermore increases in the later period by widely infecting the second group of population. This increase of infected people leads to the second wave of virus infections.
To predict the nature of the COVID-19 the experts are looking into similar examples of pandemic situations like 1918 flu and 2009 H1N1. This has helped to know the behavior of virus spreads. The studies have shown the possibility of increased Corona infections during the winter season. With the current decreased numbers of Corona deaths and infections in India, the officials are expecting the arrival of its second wave during the upcoming winter.

What deepens the impact of the second wave of coronavirus in winter?

The second wave of COVID-19 begins with unknowing carriers who transmit disease even before developing any symptoms themselves. Therefore people will not know that they are being carriers but continue to spread the disease.
During the winter season, people spend most of the time indoors which again contributes to the transmission of the virus. Moreover, the winter season itself comes with a chain of diseases and infections like cough, cold and fever. Since these symptoms are similar to the COVID-19 symptoms, people either tend to misunderstand the symptoms or tend to ignore it. This again leads to complications. Some studies have shown that infants and children are not getting the basic vaccinations at time. This makes children more vulnerable to diseases.
In such a situation, the government will start lacking facilities for quarantining and other treatments. With the cramped atmosphere in the hospitals, even those without the actual infection will be prone to more infections. Having other respiratory diseases also will lead to low immunity making people more vulnerable to COVID-19.
Some countries have started relaxing the lockdown. This again leads to the widespread of COVID-19. Even in countries like China where strict rules and social distancing is followed, the Covid-19 infections rate remained high during winter. Moreover, people are very much frustrated by the lockdown and restrictions. Hence people will return to their normal lives once the lockdown has relaxed. Therefore relaxing the lockdown will not be a wise decision during this winter.

second wave of coronavirus in india
second wave of coronavirus in india

Has the second wave of COVID-19 touched the Indian subcontinent?

Starting from RBI governor, Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol and Arvind Kejriwal, many health and government officials have been warning about the arrival of the second wave of Coronavirus. However, there has been no official announcement about it. Therefore India has not moved to the second wave as of now. But as the health authorities say the coming of winter, relaxation on lockdown and the upcoming festive season might lead to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Hence every individual needs to follow the safety guidelines and precautions amidst the celebrations.

Staying prepared for the second wave

Do follow the COVID-19 instructions by the government along with practicing social distancing and hand sanitizing. Do not forget to wear a mask while going out and make sure that the mask gives proper coverage. Try not to remove the mask whenever there is a gathering. Take special care of personal hygiene and practice disinfecting before starting to use newly purchased items. Stay in touch with the local health authorities and get updated about the Corona cases around your locality. Even though there will be an ease in the lockdown, stay prepared and stock the households with food and medical supplements. In case of any respiratory ailments or breathing difficulties, do visit a doctor.


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