Singapore: First Asian Country to receive the Pfizer – BioNTech Vaccine


Singapore has brilliantly monetized the usage of the vaccine. The first workable vaccine is what we hear is about the Pfizer – BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. The invention of the vaccine has been noted to be the miraculous times of humanity. COVID – 19 is naturally considered to have eaten up the majority of lives in its due course of just 1 year of virus occupancy.

Pfizer – BioNTech Vaccine

Pfizer and basic details you must know. Let’s understand the concept of the vaccine. This has come as one of the options for the world because, the vaccine came in the wake when the hospitals were getting overfilled, economies struggling to reopen, and back to normal lives aren’t normal anymore.

The vaccine took around 3 trials. The main aim of the trial is to assess the immunity after the vaccine shot is given. Thinking about the side effects, they are mild is what is addressed by the WHO, they consist mostly of fatigue, headaches, uncomfortable feeling around the injected spot.

The effects of the vaccine work the same irrespective of the age, sex, and locality they belong to. This came after safer tests with tons of people. It is said that 95% of people have received positive results to the vaccine,5% of people who didn’t respond well enough for the vaccine are still figuring out the reason.

Pfizer biontech vaccine side effects

The vaccines will first be addressed to the front line workers, the health care workers, leaders, and the people who are in close proximity to contract the virus with direct contact with the people who have already contracted the COVID 19 virus.

Singapore happens to be the first of Asian countries to receive the COVID 19 Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine, they plan to vaccinate more than 5 million people at least by the 3rd quarter of 2021. This happens to be the best of news to the country after the blanket of COVID 19 scare.

pfizer biontech vaccine in Singapore
pfizer biontech vaccine in Singapore

Pfizer biontech vaccine phase 3

Singapore has practically taken a step ahead of any country to safeguard the country and the people from the ruthless occupancy of the Coronavirus. India happens to be the country to have occupied the major sources of the vaccine, as India is the destination of the production of the vaccines.

The vaccine introduction gives humanity a huge relief and that the lives are going to reach back to normal lives. The vaccine introduction came in during the right times, as the world is seeing the second wave of the same COVID 19.

And some countries are seeing the span and the birth of new viruses of the same category but the effects are completely out of the blue and unknown.

Comment down your views below to let us know the ideas you have towards the new vaccines and new viruses that are on their way to destroying humanity. Stay tuned for more exciting details of the world.

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