Taxi Driver Support closes registration today; Resumption calendar for Brazil aid and gas vouchers; The price gap to diesel is shrinking and more

The week begins with another donation of Auxílio Brasil of 600 reais and a voucher for “turbo” gas to some 20.2 million low-income families across the country. The cost of both benefits was increased by the resources of the electoral PEC approved in July.

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This Monday, the 15th, ends the second period for city halls to register their specialists who are able to receive the assistance of a taxi driver. A new registration period will open in the coming days.

Are also selected topics reducing the backlog in the price of diesel fuel and extending discounts up to 70% for the revision of debts with the Federal Tax Service.

Taxi leaving tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 16, the first part of assistance for taxi drivers will go to the account of thousands of professionals. The deposit applies to taxi drivers with a license issued before May 31, 2022, whose details have been communicated by the mayor’s office of the municipality in which they reside.

The deadline for submitting employee information ends today, but for those who haven’t registered, don’t worry. The government has already announced that it will resume registration from 20 August to 11 September.

Thus, city halls will have another chance to guarantee their specialists monthly transfers in the amount of 1,000 reais. It is worth remembering that those who were registered between August 5 and 15 will only get access to money on the 30th of this month. Payment dates for registration starting tomorrow have not yet been announced.

BEm-Taxista was created by constitutional amendment and is valid until December of this year. In total, there will be six monthly payments for taxi drivers across the country.

Auxílio Brasil new payments of 600 reais and a gas voucher

Caixa Econômica Federal is resuming payments for Auxílio Brasil of R$ 600 and the entire gas voucher this Monday. Today it is the turn of Social Identifier Number (NIS) final 5 benefits to receive the August installment. See full calendar:

Final do nis Payday
one August 9
2 August 10
3 11th August
four 12th of August
5 August 15
6 August 16
7 August 17
eight August 18
9 August 19
0 August 22

Source: Ministry of Citizenship.

Until December, Auxílio Brasil was increased to 600 reais per month and the gas voucher increased to 100% of the national average price for a 13 kg gas bottle. The initial values ​​are 400 reais and 50% of the price of the product, respectively.

In another update this month, the government has included some 2.2 million families on the payroll of Auxílio Brasil, bringing the total number of families to 20.2 million. The gas voucher continues to serve some 5.6 million beneficiaries.

The status of benefits and other information about them can be found on the Auxílio Brasil app, the Caixa Tem app and by calling Caixa (111) or the Ministry of Citizenship (121).

Income gives up to 70% discount on debt rescheduling

The Federal Tax Service has included new tax debts in the list of those that can be reviewed under exceptional conditions. According to the decree, published last Friday, December 12, discounts for taxpayers can reach 70%.

According to the agency, debts worth about 1.4 trillion reais could be revised. The number includes new terms included in the so-called tax deal, a device that empowers the government to offer more favorable terms for debt repayments.

Prior to this, membership was only available to those with small debts or debts associated with significant legal disputes. This range now also includes amounts of administrative disputes, liabilities at the stage of filing a claim with the tax office, and debts targeted by the tax authorities that have not yet reached the appeal stage.

The percentage of the discount depends on the solvency of the taxpayer and the terms of negotiations, but does not reduce the principal amount of the loan.

Diesel backlog is reduced to 6%

Petrobras announced a price adjustment for diesel fuel sold at its refineries by more than 4%, from 5.41 to 5.19 reais per liter. The new cut, the second in seven days, cuts the fuel gap from 17% to 6%.

Last week, the state-owned company reduced the price of a liter by 3.56%. With two adjustments, the drop reaches 0.42 reais per liter from 5 August.

Gasoline is about 9% behind, even with a 0.35 reais cut in the last two weeks.

The adjustments promoted by Petrobras are the result of a decline in the price of a barrel of oil, as well as an appreciation in the exchange rate. In addition, the government is using a strategy to curb inflation in the run-up to the presidential election.

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