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The 7 best Dutch series on Netflix in 2023

Netflix is ​​packed with movies and series from every country. Now we focus on the best Dutch Netflix series, because content from their own country is increasingly the most widely used streaming service in the world. A top 7, from Clandestine until dirty lines.

NPO 3 has recently won a promising Dutch series, Arcadia called. Remember George Orwell’s 1984. Read more about the new Dutch series here, which will undoubtedly soon be bought by an international streaming service. But for now you will only find the Dutch-language series below on Netflix.

Dutch series on Netflix

Netflix is ​​pouring more and more money into local content, offering opportunities for both young talent and established players. Undercover was the first major international hit series from Belgium and the Netherlands. But there are more Dutch series on Netflix

1. Undercover (three seasons)

Clandestine Season 1 is one of our favorite Netflix series of 2019. The story is based on the truth and is about one of the biggest XTC producers in the world – Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers). He operates primarily out of his mobile home at a campground. To catch him, undercover agents Bob Lemmens / ‘Peter Bogaert’ (Tom Waes) and Kim de Rooij / ‘Anouk Janssens’ (Anna Drijver) also live in the camp. These turn out to be the ingredients for a very entertaining series. Without spoiling too much: Season 2 is completely different. And again season 3, with Turkish influences as the common thread.

2. cartoon

Toons is a Dutch series about the ad jingle composer of the same name, who is surprised with a surprise party. When asked to play a song, Toon sings that he would like everyone to go home as soon as possible. His performance is recorded with a phone, appears on YouTube, and becomes a hit. Against the socially awkward musician’s will, he becomes a national celebrity, even in a scene he has nothing to do with. Hilarious series. We recently interviewed the lead actor and director about his trailer on Netflix. Read the interview here.

3. Ares

Ares It’s a horror series (not a heavy horror), it takes place in Amsterdam, and it has great talent in the lead role. Read our 5 reasons to watch the Dutch series here. Admittedly, there are plenty of reasons not to watch this Netflix original, too.

4. Phoenix

Dutch Netflix series like Clandestine in Ares received more attention Phoenixespecially since it was Originals. Phoenix was created by KPN and was initially only available for free to KPN customers. Now the hard crime series, starring Rifka Lodeizen and Teun Luijkx, is on Netflix. The series has similarities with Clandestine, because the story is about an ecstasy dealer, the residents of the camp and the police chase. However, the atmosphere is completely different. Good worth it. Other cast members include Hans Dagelet, Jack Wouterse, and Nanette Edens. read more here Phoenix. The second season is produced by Netflix.

5. Dirty lines

In the early 1980s, a new service became available that sparked a revolution. dirty lines talks about the rise and success of the sex line. This new form of hobby became very popular in a short time, both among men in heat and among prankster teenagers. A Dutch series about sexual lines in the 1980s, with Abbey Hoes, Benja Bruining and many more talented actors in the cast. It is logical that this series scored well after the premiere. It is also highly recommended.

6. The Menten Case

The journalist Hans Knoop gradually becomes personally involved in the search for Pieter Menten and decides to get a story. Although Knoop is fully committed to the story, Menten doesn’t give up easily. The real Dutch series set in the 1970s is from 2016, it only appeared later on Netflix and is definitely worth watching.

7. When the levees break

When the levees break is a 2016 Belgian-Dutch series that recently appeared on Netflix. It is a drama about a fictional flood in the Netherlands and parts of Flanders. Various stories offer different perspectives on this possible future scenario. Gijs Scholten van Aschat plays one of the leading roles as the fictional Prime Minister Hans Kreuger.

Bonus: The card for the king

This is not a Dutch series, but a Dutch story. The letter to the king it’s a nice mix of the fantasy and coming-of-age genres. The Netflix Original is based on the classic Dutch YA novel. The letter to the King by Tonke Dragt. See this series as game of Thronesbut for the whole family. One of the talented Dutch actors is Gijs Blom, who plays Prince Viridian. Read more about the series here.

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The 7 best Dutch series on Netflix in 2023

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