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The ending of the new Netflix hit ‘Where the crabs sing’ explained

movie news – Read a detailed explanation of the ending of ‘Where the Crayfish Sing’ below.

The movie where the locusts sing, recently on Netflix, is directed by Olivia Newman and is full of surprises. The film is an adaptation of the 2018 bestseller of the same name by Delia Owens.

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays the role of Kya. She lives a quiet and simple life in a North Carolina swamp. She is charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend Chase Andrews, played by Harris Dickinson.

beginning of has end

at the end of where the locusts sing Kya is found not guilty by the jury. She is released and goes on with her life.

Kya eventually grows old and dies on her boat in the swamp. Only after her death does Tate Walker, played by Taylor John Smith, realize that Kya really did kill Chase Andrews.

Why she did it?

For those who haven’t read the book, the end of where the locusts sing revealing that Kya actually killed Chase came as a shock.

Kya ended up killing Chase because she didn’t want to live her life in fear, nor did she want to go back to her childhood experiences. She knew firsthand what it was like to live with a man who abused her because her father did the same. She was also aware of the magnitude of the psychological and physical damage that she could cause.

Kya would not allow herself to repeat that mistake, especially after she had finally put her life together and a sense of freedom.

The importance of Crawdads explained

The crabs themselves are aquatic creatures. Small crustacean animals with shells. In many ways, she herself has been in her shell and has been forgotten about by the townspeople. Besides the fact that she is also a person with feelings.

where the locusts sing, the title of the book is significant as it is a reference to what Kya’s mother used to tell her. That she should go into the forest and listen to what nature had to tell her.

By doing this, Kya became more in tune with nature. He was always watching creatures and learning about their habits and why they did the things they did to survive. Although locusts don’t actually sing, Kya’s mother’s lesson ensured her survival and allowed her to become one with her environment.

Why does Kya love feathers so much?

For Kya, the feathers are beautiful and each one unique. Fundamentally, her feathers are of the utmost importance to her, as they are a representation of her long relationship with Tate. She brought her feathers because she knew how much they mean to Kya.

They eventually developed a romantic relationship, one that always involved the exchange of feathers as a show of affection and communication.


Throughout the film, Kya constantly encounters feathers, often a representation of a part of nature that many overlook and pay no attention to.

This parallels Kya’s relationship with the townspeople. They barely see her and don’t want to be associated with the outsider they think she is.

The true meaning of the ending of Where The Crawdads Sing

Nature is an important element of the end of where the locusts sing. The swamp surrounds, protects, and comforts Kya. It is her refuge and her home. She is nature and vice versa.

She respects him like no other. The end of the controversy where the locusts sing it’s Kya returning things to their natural state. Killing Chase was a necessity in her eyes. that’s why she goes where the locusts sing much about survival.

You should where the locusts sing I haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the movie stream now on Netflix.

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