The highest paid roles in the history of cinema. These actors have broken the bank!

The success of a film, to a lesser extent than a script, is often determined by who will play in it. The status of movie stars allows representatives of specific actors to negotiate huge salaries or opt for less in return for a solid percentage of the show’s profits. Thanks to this, in previous years, many of the performers did well!

Recently actors’ salaries, more often than in the context of cinema films, are discussed in relation to huge superproductions of streaming companies. Recently, “Gray Man” by the Russo brothers had its premiere, which boasted a very solid cast with Ana de Armas, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Its budget amounted to as much as $ 200 million, a large part of which was probably spent on contracting the aforementioned actors. It was very similar with the earlier, similar Netflix hit, “Red Note”, which, like its successor, was also rated average. In the old days, when success was determined only by revenues from the sale of movie tickets, it was easier to assess the marketing power of an actor. Today it is much more difficult, although huge blockbusters still hold on tight.

A glance at the list of the biggest box office actors of all time convinces, on the one hand, of the power of great cinema series (“Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Mission Impossible”), but also shows that in a world where the smallest moves are often determined by excel lines there is room for some surprises related to movies that are not really hits at first, but eventually become hits. To the delight of specific actors, agents and their families.

Tom Hanks “Forrest Gump”

A fairly popular procedure when drafting actors’ contracts is to negotiate a lower salary in exchange for rights to quite a large percentage of the profits of a given painting. One of the best-known cases is, of course, Tom Hanks, who in return for the surrender of a certain amount received a large portion of the profits from the Robert Zemeckis film, thanks to which he was to raise well over $ 60 million. Actor’s agent later did the same in the case of his participation in “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Green Mile”.

Adam Sandler “Ridiculous Six”

Is there anyone who doesn’t complain about the level of most Netflix movies? We will probably find quite a large group of such people, among whom there must be a special place for Adam Sandler. The American star in 2014 signed a lucrative contract with the streaming giant, thanks to which he receives over 60 million for each subsequent movie, starting with “Ridiculous Six”. By the way, however, he also appears in much better productions, for example also known due to the presence on Netflix of “Uncut Gems” by the Safdie brothers.

Harrison Ford “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Going back to old roles can be difficult, especially if you have millions of coins in your accounts to help dictate terms. “For five million dollars, I don’t even get out of bed,” Harrison Ford might have said. Already 65 million can induce the presence of the greatest lazybones on the set. That was what the American star was supposed to receive – according to Forbes – and this amount was to include a solid percentage of the proceeds shared with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Sandra Bullock “Gravity”

Taking a lower wage also paid off for the only woman on this list, Sandra Bullock. The budget of the great science fiction show, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, was over PLN 120 million, so it would be difficult to pay the 70 million PLN payment for the actress from this money. However, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Bullock opted for a smaller footprint in exchange for a solid percentage of the nearly $ 700 million in revenue from this popular and critically acclaimed film.

Robert Downey jr “Avengers: Infinity War”

Thanks to a special deal with the MCU leaders, including Kevin Faige, the Iron Man actor’s pay in Avengers: Infinity War amounted to over $ 75 million and thanks to it, the actor of the role of Tony Stark landed high on the list of the highest-paid actors of all time.

Tom Cruise ”Mission impossible 3”

The great popularity of the long-awaited sequel to “Top Gun” by Tony Scott allowed for a moment to forget about the fact that Tom Cruise recently also worked on the sets of films belonging to a completely different film franchise, started in 1996. The extremely profitable series “Mission Impossible” brought the actor a lot of profit, also because his agents, of course, negotiated a large portion of the profits from the sale of tickets. For the fourth part of the series, the actor was to receive a total of close to $ 75 million.

Keanu Reeves ‘The Matrix’ trilogy

Famous for his fairly relaxed attitude to the money he earns, which does not mean shuffling it left and right, but rather supporting various initiatives, Keanu Reeves undoubtedly earned the most from the plans of all the Matrixes. It is estimated that the actor received nearly $ 250 million for his performance in these three shows, which is a staggering amount of almost 85 million for one film. For now, it is not known how much he earned for playing in the fourth picture premiered last year, because the amount from $ 12 million to $ 14 million should also be increased by the proceeds from the sale of the film in a mixed cinema and streaming system.

Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The protagonist of many recent tabloid stories is also one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, as evidenced by the numbers usually given in the context of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Undoubtedly, the most profitable activity of the American actor, however, is appearing in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which of course has become one of the box office hits of all time. For playing in each of the five installments of the franchise, Depp was to earn nearly $ 90 million.

Will Smith “Men in Black 3”

The recently unhappy Will Smith is unlikely to be censored for long and we’ll probably see a new movie with his participation in the end. The actor was once called the “King of July 4”, because he managed to play three times, still in the 90s, in films that were very successful in this period. By far, his highest-grossing role was in the third installment of “Men in Black,” for which he would receive a whopping $ 100 million.

Bruce Willis “The Sixth Sense”

Bruce Willis may be considered the highest-grossing actor in history, and the case of the famous thriller Michael Night Shyamalan is one of the biggest surprises in blockbuster history. Who would have thought that a film in which a psychologist would talk to a child contacting ghosts would turn out to be such a great success, also making the young Haley Joel Osment very popular. Undoubtedly, the biggest star in the movie was Bruce Willis, who was supposed to receive between 12 and 14 million for the performance alone, but of course his agents negotiated a large percentage of the proceeds, which turned out to be enormous. With a budget of $ 40 million, the film earned a huge – not only for its time – 670 million, and a large part of it, estimated at over 100 million, was received by the actor himself.

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