TOP 10 science fiction PS games which will blow your mind

Fantasy and science fiction genres are undoubtedly two eternal rivals. In the former, authors of books, films or video games usually focus on darkness and show an alternative version of the past with dwarves / elves and supernatural abilities in the lead role. On the other hand, the barricades, in turn, focus on presenting the future, letting your imagination run wild. Each creation of the future is unique in its own way and it is in this text that we present the top 10 science fiction games available in PS Plus Extra.

10. The Technomancer

The Technomancer will open the list of the most interesting science fiction games in PS Plus Extra. The game takes us on a journey to a colony on Mars, where we meet many corporations fighting for valuable resources. This is an RPG made of flesh and blood, which means that we perform hundreds of side quests here, make choices that approach one of the several available endings or enter into romances with NPCs. There is no shortage of activities here.

9. XCOM 2

In XCOM 2, we control the base that we have to develop, and develop various technologies that will then help in the fight against the invaders. The most important thing in this game is the turn-based combat system. We take control of a unit consisting of several soldiers and repel attacks or conquer other locations that will help to get the necessary minerals even faster. There are also a lot of side quests in the game.

8. Ghostrunner

The list will also include something for fans of very demanding titles. Polish production from the One More Level team – Ghostrunner – takes us to the tower. We have to climb to its top, and the road is full of enemies and opposites that test not only our dexterity but also our patience. We have to perform a series of acrobatics and constantly think about how to get through a given level without losing health.

7. Control

Control takes us to a huge building that we see from Jesse Faden’s perspective. After reaching the main office, the heroine realizes that the entire location has been taken over by malevolent forces. So we take up arms and use our supernatural abilities to get to hard-to-reach sectors of the building and end the dangerous, rapidly spreading invasion.

6. DOOM (2016)

DOOM is a shooter that – however it sounds – satisfies you from shooting more headshots or twisting the heads of monsters. We jump into the shoes of Doomguy, a fearless warrior who is sent to Mars where he has to deal with hordes of creepy enemies coming from hell. There is no shortage of brutality and blood that floods the TV / monitor screen at almost every step taken by the playable character.

5. Prey

We had to wait a long time for the new Prey, but it was worth it. The new Prey throws us onto a space station called Talos, where we witness innovative research. It just so happens that scientists did not keep an eye on some of the elements and everything fell into ruins. As one of the few survivors, we take up arms and explore semi-open locations to unravel many puzzles and mysteries haunting the protagonist – Morgan Yu.

4. Stray

Stray is the latest premiere from this list. By paying for PS Plus Extra, we can take control of the cat, which becomes separated from its owners and other furry companions, and then has to work with the robot to save the city. It may sound a bit childish on paper, but in the end the developers took care of many interesting mechanics, prepared a beautiful world full of neon lights and dirt at the same time, and also offered side activities that only deepen the immersion.

3. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is for many the best adventure game full of choices on the market. It’s hard to disagree with it, because Quantic Dream has done a solid job, offering the title that allows you to play as three androids. Each of them has their own task in this world, and the writers have perfectly shown that machines have feelings too. This is the front-line theme of the story that we can interpret in many ways. This is what makes Detroit: Become Human – freedom.

2. Death Stranding

The second step on the podium was completed by Death Stranding, created by the reliable Hideo Kojima. This time we play the role of Sam Bridges, who is – to put it simply – a courier in a post-apocalyptic, ruined world. Behind the delivery of consecutive shipments to customers is connecting America and thus unifying the population. The plot is full of twists, but well … Fans of this Japanese creator must always be ready for them.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

The best science fiction game available on PS Plus Extra is Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite the fact that the developers did not fully offer extensive, engaging side threads, the design of the world, as well as the presentation of the universe wrapped in question marks, is at a master’s level here. The adventure of a red-haired warrior named Aloy, despite more than five springs on her neck, is still one of the most beautiful, if not the prettiest, position available on PS4 consoles.

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