Ukraine. Trilateral meeting in Lvov. “We don’t want to experience another Chernobyl”

“In Lvov I met with UN Secretary General António Guterres. We agreed on further cooperation on the case grain transportation. We discussed possible directions of development, the issue of illegal and forcible deportation of Ukrainians, the release of our soldiers and doctors from captivity,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote.

According to the President of Ukraine, one of the topics was also The situation with the Zaporozhye NPP.This open terror on the part of the aggressor can have global, catastrophic consequences.. That is why the UN must ensure security, demilitarization and the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from this strategic facility,” Zelensky wrote.

He also came to Lviv on Thursday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to Zelensky, the conversation concerned them grain carrier, as well as the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and nuclear blackmail. “I am sure that further expansion of cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey will strengthen both countries,” Zelensky wrote.

Lvov. Encounter trilogue

Trilateral meeting of the Presidents of Ukraine, Turkey and the UN Secretary General in Lviv lasted 40 minutes, the Ukrinform agency reports. During a press conference following the meeting, Zelensky said that the conversation touched on the most important topics, i.e. grain exports, the situation at the Zaporozhye power plant, the release of prisoners of war from Russian captivity. – Much attention was paid to a very painful issue – the protection and release of Ukrainian prisoners of war who are being held in Russia. I called on the UN Secretary General to use every opportunity to restore all our citizens – said the President of Ukraine.

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According to him, all participants of the meeting agreed to send them in the near future. Mission to establish all the facts of the murder of the Ukrainian military in Olenevka. The President of Ukraine said that he agreed with the UN Secretary conditions for a possible mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Zaporozhye.

Erdogan: We don’t want to experience another Chernobyl

During the conference, Erdogan said that the main topic of Thursday’s meeting was the war in Ukraine lasts six months. “It was an opportunity to once again show solidarity with Ukraine,” said the President of Turkey. According to him, the topic of the Zaporizhzhya thermal power plant was discussed. – We do not want to experience another Chernobyl Erdogan said. Turkey’s gift announced it would make diplomatic efforts to end it war in Ukraine.

Zelensky: negotiations will begin only after Russian troops leave Ukraine

The President of Ukraine stated that negotiations with Russia will be possible only when its troops leave the illegally occupied territories of Ukraine. “I hope the war ends at the negotiating table,” Erdogan said.

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As the President of Turkey stated, He will brief Vladimir Putin on the issues raised during the meeting in Lvov.

Guterres: The safety of the power plant must be paramount even in war

UN Secretary General During the conference, he stressed that how important was the agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine in the context of ensuring food security in the world. According to him, the grain is already going to other countries, and its price is also falling. Guterres He also referred to the situation in Zaporozhye.

– We are following with concern the situation regarding Europe’s largest nuclear power plant (…) The safety of nuclear power plants should be above all else even in times of war he said. He said that now the goal is the security of the region of the power plant.

The UN Secretary General stated that Brazilian General Carlos Cruz will be in charge of investigating the explosion in Olenevka that killed Ukrainian soldiers.


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