US and Taiwan announce trade talks amid growing tensions with China

Beijing has always been against any ties between the island and other countries, as it considers it part of its territory; agreements include several areas such as: agriculture and the reduction or elimination of import tariffs

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu shakes hands with US Senator Ed Markey during a meeting in Taipei.

USA e Taiwan took another step in their alliance and another reason to piss off China this Thursday the 18th by announcing that they will start trade talks in the fall (spring in Brazil). “We welcome this opportunity to deepen economic cooperation between the two freedom-loving countries,” Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry tweeted. “Negotiations will include a number of areas such as agriculture, digital commerce and the reduction or elimination of import tariffs,” the Office of the US Trade Representative said in a statement. In addition to developing trade and investment, the issue of responding to “anti-market policies and practices” will also be considered, the office of US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said. The first official meetings are scheduled for September. Beijing commented on this decision. “THEN China has always been against any negotiations between any country and the Taiwan region of China,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Shu Jueting said. Taiwan is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the most advanced semiconductors used in applications ranging from smartphones to computers, cars or missiles, and a total of 42% of Taiwan’s exports go to China and Hong Kong, with only 15% going to China. USA as of 2021.

The decision comes at a time of military, diplomatic and economic coercion by China, which held major air and sea maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait earlier this month in response to a visit from the speaker of the United States House of Representatives. , Nancy Pelosi, in Taipei. Two weeks after these maneuvers, an American delegation landed on the island this week, forcing China to continue the activities that will continue throughout their stay in Taiwan. For the Americans, this is an attempt to escalate the pressure campaign to intimidate and pressure Taiwan and undermine its resistance,” said Daniel Kritenbrink, Washington’s envoy to East Asia. “Words and actions are deeply destabilizing. They risk causing a miscalculation and jeopardizing stability in the Taiwan Strait,” Kritenbrink added. The diplomat said he believed the pressure on the Taiwanese government would continue in the coming weeks and months. Taiwan lives under the constant threat of Chinese invasion, which considers the island part of its territory and which, if necessary, can even be occupied by force.

*According to the AFP agency.

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