US Election: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

US Elections have be going under a lot of surprising facts.

US Election: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Highly loved by the American Indians

US Elections have be going under a lot of surprising facts, guess what remember the time around April when we were looking forward for to the opening of the country and we received the news when Kanye West was about to stand for election. How crazy is that?

Kanye west announced his 2020 US presidential election campaign during the American Independence day that is on July 4th. But it became serious when we found that the campaigner Kanye West filed a statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.

Elections 2020
Elections 2020

US Election: let’s understand the process.

The US political system is commanded over by two (2) parties and each party is represented by a candidate who stands for the presidential candidacy. One part is for the Democratic side of the country, and the other side takes the Republican part of the country.

Democratic Party is the liberal and forbearing kind of party in the US and their representative is Joe Biden, also was famously know for serving under Barack Obama as vice president for all his tenure.

Republican Party is the conservative party in the US and as for the last 4 ( four ) and was significantly represented by Donald Trump, waiting to bag another tenure in the coming up November elections.

Fun fact, the election is not all about just electing the president for the tenure but also means that the voters will get to select the candidates for the upcoming Congress. If the Democratic Party gets the highest majority then they have the salient nature to extend the process of Trump’s re election on the whole.

Trump vs Joe
Trump vs Joe

If Joe Biden wins this time, it will take time for him to take over the office as the procedures to give away the office is longer and complicated than it seems to be. The time for the official president to take over the office with the investiture ceremony happens around 20th Jan. and then the term begins for another 4 years in the White House.

Looks like Joe and Kamala have high level popularity amongst the Indian – American community. They have great level and track records of helping the society. With the comments of Trump’s comments on the Indians and the country being filthy raged great anger in the minds and Joe having addressed that saying that, he had the audacity to comment and criticize a greater friend like India  on a public stage.

“After four years of the Trump administration, we know our children and grandchildren will not have the same opportunities as we had. We need a leader who understands our community, our values, our pride and appreciates our hard work and gives equal opportunity and say in his administration,” said Ajay Jain Bhutoria, mentioned from ndtv.com

All this was referred to the last presidential debate that was conducted between Trump and Biden. Indian – Americans have a greater connection with Biden and Kamala Harris. Because they show high passion towards diversified communities in America.

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