US election: Results

US elections are literally a close call that’s going on right now at this moment.

US election: Results, When will it put up?

US elections are literally a close call that’s going on right now at this moment. It’s the time during the COVID 19 pandemic that seems to be very exciting not just for the American’s but also to the worldwide spectators. But why? Obviously because if Trump stays as the president for another four-year tenure then this would stick to as another obstacle for the foreigners who have lifelong plans to move to the United States.

Trump vs Joe
Trump vs Joe

So the moment he became the president of the United States he declared a huge pause and amendment to the H – 1B visa, which falls under the United States actions for Immigration and Nationality Act, which gives the provisions for the U.S. Employers to use the foreign workers to work for them. The duration is for around 3 years bound to increase the extensions depends on the provisions provided by the employer and the country.

The US elections this time have reached a very popular mode and the election campaigns were very creative and counter-attacking each party of both Republican party which is represented by Donald Trump and the Democratic Party that is represented by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The US elections seem to have fallen in the knife-edge status as the results that were slowly declared from each part were almost close enough that anyone can win at the last minute and there is no proper declaration of the results.

US Election
US Election

Trump as usual stayed highly hasty before the results were declared and said that he has won and that the Voting Ballots will not be considered anymore. This was eventually expected, right? We mean to say is that when hasn’t Trump made such an appearance from the time he occupied the presidential office. So it was what was expected.

Joe Biden, Televised his speech and said that each vote counts and that there is no way they will stop counting till the last vote is taken under consideration. Because every vote counts. Which utter confidence he said that “when the count is finished, we believe we will be the winner.”

It’s come to the notice that more than 100 million Americans have cast their votes in advance to the Tuesdays Election Day says ndtv.com

So comment down below and let us know who according to you will win the elections this time, and why should they win the elections? Stay tuned for updates on the elections and many more.

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