US Elections results out: Biden won and now Trump denies to leave the White House

US Elections: Results

US Elections have come to a successful end with a victorious win of Joe Biden as the next new president of America and Kamala Harris as the Vice President. But this doesn’t just stop here the Trump drama still goes on after the voting counties are thoroughly checked and closed.

Trump leaving White House

What’s up!? Trump doesn’t seem like a guy who would take the defeat that easy right?  He doesn’t and that shows with his accusations when Joe was leading the polls, Trump jumped in and announced the accusations against the polls from Georgia, which initially seemed to be favorable to him but the moment it turned against Trump, he blasted it all out. What can we say?

Joe was first elected as a senator from Delaware, and now after 48 whole years, he is elected as the President of America from the Democratic Party. He addressed the country on Saturday night after having a victorious win if the elections, he said that the time has finally arrived that the soul of America needs to be healed, a general attack on Trump’s army and the tenure he had spent in the White House.

Kamala Harris first Black Woman to become VP

Kamala Harris is the first Black Woman and first-ever South Asian American Woman to become vice president that too elected Vice President. She began her victorious speech by talking about the long lost late congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, she spoke about democracy being the soul of the country and also pieced out points on her late mother who inspired her.

Kamala Harris and Joe Bidden

She even addressed the Trump followers and asked them to leave behind the Rhetoric acts that happened during the Trump tenure and to take up effective cohesiveness in the upcoming terms of democrats in the country. The time has come to give one another chance to live in a safe community.

Looks like the Trump followers had more to add to the entire election process, they called this win of Joe a stolen election.

Trump’s drama

But guess what this isn’t the only thing he did during an excruciating time for the world. His commentaries on such crucial issues like these would leave un healings to the country. The trade war between the two countries in recent times has grown. China through the highest and the earliest hit countries in the world sent eloquent assistance to the hardest-hit countries.

The Trump actions became vigorous when he halted the funds that go to the WHO amidst the pandemic. But China stepped up with extra funding to make the pressure on WHO and the fund flow normal.

Trump must keep one thing in mind by making sure that if the goal is to reach a point where proper health care faculties are distributed to the very vast world then the blame game needs to stop and the insensitive stoppage of the funds in a time when those funds would be of great help.

Trump leaving White House

He didn’t stop at that, he called out the Paris Accord and besmirched his Political Democrat rival, Joe Biden, on his ideologies in climate policies when he takes over the position. The concept of elections isn’t about putting the other party down but to represent the best of oneself and at a time like this, the thought of bagging the election is to be efficient and effective in bringing up the economy.

This win of Democracy in the country comes after four years of Trump’s service in the White House right after the departure of the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. It happens to be another prosperous tenure of democracy in the country. This doesn’t just grow happiness to the Americans but also to the counter friends the fellow country India too. This is and will be one of the toughest competing teams and the victorious victory.

Stay tuned for more updates on the further upcoming Trump drama and how it’s all going to be complicated if Donald Trump doesn’t leave the White House.

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