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Violence around Viaplay is escalating due to blunders and glitches

There are a lot of mistakes during the first weekend of F1, but not by the drivers.

Viaplay had to endure a lot of criticism this past weekend. What should have been a great first weekend of Formula 1 for Viaplay subscribers was much less spectacular due to technical problems on the part of the Scandinavian streaming service.

One particularly big advantage of the relatively new streaming service is that they broadcast live sporting events, including Formula 1. It resulted in many interested Dutch people signing up. Broadcast rights are expensive, which means Viaplay can charge its subscribers a hefty monthly fee to watch the races live.

There are two options to watch the races. If you subscribed to Viaplay through the providers Ziggo, KPN, T-Mobile, Solcon, Delta or Caiway, the main live events can be seen through the Viaplay Xtra linear channel. Anyone who has contracted a subscription through the service itself does not have access to this channel and must watch sporting events through the platform.

cures on the platform

What happened at the races last weekend is that a number of spectators on the platform experienced significant disruption. Suddenly they couldn’t log in or saw the live stream fail. An avalanche of complaints on social media followed.

A similar problem occurred during the previous F1 season, but Viaplay customer support has not provided many solutions. Many people were also not happy with the comments.

Even more problems on Viaplay

Last week was also a success for Viaplay in a completely different area. Several subscribers were suddenly unable to log in after twelve months, whereas a year ago they had been promised thirteen months with a special offer.

Viaplay has indicated that victims can contact us for a small compensation. However, only those who reported will be helped. Coupled with the recent price increases for subscribers, things are not going well for Viaplay subscribers. Let’s hope the excitement of the new F1 season can provide solace.

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