WhatsApp will make TURBINE a feature that has already delighted many users

who used whatsapp over the past few months, you may have noticed the emergence of some new features in private conversations, but there is one in particular that ended up being a huge hit with everyone. This, of course, is about emoji and the ability to respond with their help to the answers of friends.

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They are by no means new, after all, they could always be sent to contacts, but the great innovation came from the ability to respond to all the phrases, stickers, audio and other specific messages in a conversation with people. This allowed people to “reply” to something they said without having to type something, which made everything more dynamic, especially in WhatsApp groups.

In groups, it happens that everyone is talking, but you are not participating in the chat, you just paid attention to such a discussion, right? When you like something said, you just have to react to it. Initially, the app only released six emoji to be used as it was a way to test people’s commitment.

The vast majority liked it. The only negative reaction was that there were very few emojis available, as there were only six per reaction and hundreds for conversations. With that in mind, the app has promised to make some changes.

The main change will be the addition of new reaction forms, that is, the ability to use more emoticons, because today you can only use base. It is believed that the ultimate plan is to have 100% – or close to the number of faces available – used in conversations in the same way!

However, it is not known if this will happen gradually, adding a small group at a time, or if the change will be drastic, so that a major update will already make them all visible. What is really known is that this “new turbocharged feature” is currently available to some Android and iOS users who are official testers of the tool. They receive the update, use it, and send feedback to the company.

This is standard procedure. Users working with it test modifications. When they give the go-ahead, problems are eliminated. Only then can everything be came out for the general public. And precisely because the change is still in testing and polishing, there is no exact date for when we can all enjoy this update.

In short, for now, we’ll have to make do with what’s available: limited reactions, images, stickers and gifs, and more. As such, we’ll be waiting for a feature that promises to spice up conversations a lot.

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